Friday, June 29, 2007

Norman Man Provides 12-yr Old with Booze and Pot

6/29/07 -- Norman, OK - Ahh neighborly love... isn't it great when your kids can trouble your neighbors for a cup of sugar, an extra hammer to hang a picture or even a few mixed drinks and some marijuana for your pre-teen son or daughter?

Meet neighbor of the year Gary Allen Campbell, 44, living on Brandywine Lane in Norman.

Seems on June 6th, a 12-year old neighbor boy was found in Campbell's apartment by the boys mother. This, after her 9-year old child told her his brother was in Campbell's residence consuming alcohol and marijuana.

The mother called police who located the boy and transported him to the hospital. According to court papers, the boys BAC was .079.

The boy allegedly told police he was given "KD whiskey" and smoked pot from a glass pipe provided by Campbell.

When investigators questioned Campbell, he admitted to giving the pre-teen three mixed drinks containing Kentucky Deluxe whiskey and Coke. Campbell denied providing the child with marijuana.

On the 13th, Campbell was charged with the felony crimes of furnishing alcohol to a minor and causing or encouraging a minor to commit a drug related crime.

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