Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Don't Return Those Rented DVD's and You May Go to Jail

Norman, OK - We've all heard the BlockBuster Video ads proclaiming 'No More Late Fees' - in contrast, a local video store initiates a return on time or go to jail policy.

According to court records the Norman video store, Movie Place, wants their overdue videos and they want them now!

The following 6 individuals all allegedly rented multiple videos from the Movie Place and then neglected to return them. The Movie Place isn't taking it lying down.

According to court records, Anthony James Purkey, 23, rented 5 DVD's and they are now almost two years past due.

And what did Purkey rent in March of 2005;
1. Friday After Next
2. House of 1000 Corpses
3. Blue Collar Comedy Hour Rides Again
4. Exorcist; the Beginning
5. King Arthur

Movie Place claims the videos to be worth $134.95.

On February 13, embezzlement charges were filed against Purkey.

Dymeshia Meshea Richard, 22, reportedly rented 6 DVDs in 2003 and allegedly failed to return two of them (Coyote Ugly and Hardball) valued at $44.04.

Embezzlement charges have also been filed against Richard.

Danny Wayne Mclain, 50, reportedly never returned the two videos he rented in January of 2006 (In Her Shoes & Transporter 2) valued at $56.14.

Embezzlement charges have been filed against McClain who apparently now resides in Richmond, VI.

Judy D. Landriault, 47, of Noble also allegedly failed to return her 5 movies (DNA, Grudge, Bruce Almighty, Butterfly Effect & Slash) valued at $167.15.

Landriault has also been charged with embezzlement.

James Mark McCullough, 36, is reportedly still holding on to his copies of Thomas Percy Saves the Day and Thomas Songs from the Station, valued at $32.48.

McCullough was charged with embezzlement.

Michelle Marie Snell, 26, allegedly rented two XBOX games and 5 DVDs valued at $183.74.

Snell was charged with embezzlement.

Arrest warrants have been issued for all 6 former Movie Place patrons.

In each case bail has been set at $1,000.

OU Student Charged with Attacking Female

Norman, OK - Man attacks a man and a women in their home after breaking out windows and kicking in a door.

According to court records, Michael Gaillard Craig, 29, was arrested just two days before Valentine's Day after police arrived to find him beating one woman while others hid in a bathroom.

Allegedly, Craig punched one woman in the face and when she fell he began kicking her.

The occupants of the home told police they were able to push Craig out of the residence. However, he then began breaking out windows and kicked in the front door.

One of the female victims told police they had locked themselves in the bathroom and that they feared Craig was going to kill them.

When a male in the home confronted Craig, he produced a steel pipe and threatened additional acts of physical violence.

Police witnessed part of the struggle when they arrived on scene.

Craig has been charged with assault and battery and malicious injury to property.

According to the University of Oklahoma, Craig is senior in the College of Arts and Sciences.