Friday, January 5, 2007

Newalla Man Charged with Peeping Tom

Newalla, OK - A man is allegedly caught on videotape peeking into his neighbor's bathroom and bedroom windows.

According to court papers, Michael Ray Holt II, 30, who resides on East Indian Hills Road in Newalla was caught, December 12, by a female neighbor "squatting down looking inside [her 16-year old daughter's bedroom] window."

Allegedly, this is not Holt's first time to peep.

According to a recently filed affidavit, the neighbors claim they first witnessed Holt peeping into their bathroom window in March of last year.

The report goes on to state that in November, the neighbors began witnessing Holt standing in his yard with binoculars and wearing no pants.

Realizing Holt's alleged behavior was not exactly neighborly, they borrowed a camcorder from a friend.

On December 12, the neighbor became suspicious that she was being watched, she grabbed her camcorder and set out to confront Holt.

Apparently her suspicions paid off as she was able to tape and witness Holt, dressed in black, on her property and peeping into her daughter's bedroom window.

Reportedly, when Holt realized he had been caught he quickly ran away, while pulling up his pants!

Charges were filed in Cleveland County against Holt on December 28.