Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Drunk Driver Takes Aim at Good Samaritan

5/16/07 -- Newalla, OK - Ever wonder why people seem hesitant to come to the aid of others in need? Well, a Newalla man is probably wishing he had hesitated before confronting a crash victim who may have had one to many.

According to court records, Rhonda Jean Green-Thomas, 41, was driving in the 17000 block of Valley View Rd. in Newalla when she lost control and crashed into a ditch.

The crash was witnessed by Kevin Rogers.

Rogers approached the scene and noticed Green appeared to be intoxicated. Fearing she was trying to leave the scene and drive away, Rogers seized Green's keys and told her he was calling police.

Green apparently was going to have none of that as she promptly produced a pistol from her waistband.

Allegedly, Green fired at least one round at Rogers as he grabbed her arm.

As Rogers was walking back to his home, he reported that Green came up behind him an struck him in the head.

Rogers was able to flag down a passing firetruck. The firemen then detained Green until police arrived.

Police report that when they tried to speak to Green she became combative and would only yell "vulgarities" at them.

With the aid of a bomb sniffing dog, Green's gun was found in a wooded area near the scene.

Last week, Green was charged with felony assault and battery with a deadly weapon and carrying a weapon while under the influence.

UPDATE: On 6/8/07 Green was sentenced to 10-years suspended.

Teen Teller Takes Bank for $14K

5/16/07 -- Norman, OK - Ever wonder how bank employees ignore all those stacks of cash just laying around? Well, it seems the cash was too tempting for a Norman bank teller now accused of taking his work home with him - to the tune of $14,000.

According to court records, Anthony Michael Johnson, 19, was working for the Norman branch of the Republic Bank in March.

Reportedly, Johnson was caught on bank surveillance tape stealing bank funds from March 29 until April 7th.

According to court records, Johnson confessed to police investigators to the theft.

Police recovered $2,400 from Johnson's apartment. Prosecutor's alleged Johnson spent part of the money on a Playstation 3 video game system.

Approximately $11,000 remains unaccounted for.

Last week Johnson was charged with felony embezzlement in Cleveland County.
UPDATE: On 9/26/07 Johnson received a deferred sentence.

Brother Accused of Trying to Have His Sister Murdered

5/16/07 -- Lexington, OK - Brotherly love hit a new low as an Oklahoma prison inmate is facing additional charges after allegedly soliciting other prisoners to kill his sister.

According to court papers, Bruce Lee Shattuck, 56, currently serving a 20-year sentence for a solicitation of murder conviction in 2005, allegedly tried a repeat performance this past October.

Reportedly, while a guest of the Joseph Harp Correctional Center, Shattuck attempted to recruit other inmates to kill his sister, Sandra Louise Lee.

Allegedly, Shattuck provided inmates with a map to his sister's house and offered to pay $2,500 if she was killed.

Solicitation for murder in the first degree charges were filed in Cleveland County May 4th.