Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Granny Bilks Antique Vendors Out of Thousands

4/27/07 -- Stillwater, OK - Just when you thought nothing was as sweet, innocent and trustworthy as a silver haired granny - she turns out to be public enemy number one!

According to court records, Arlene Jo Brooks, 72, had a job at the Antique Mall of Stillwater.

Brooks' duties included selling vendor booths and collecting cash from the items sold - and boy did she know how to collect it!

Seems Brooks was allegedly working a little scam of her own to net thousands (hey, knitting needles, soft foods, and Depends are expensive).

Reportedly, Brooks' scam began to unravel after she rented booth #85 to a Mr. Burruss.

Burruss noticed that approximately $1,795.10 worth of goods had been sold from his unmanned booth, but he had yet to be paid by Brooks.

Burruss reported the apparent theft to police. While investigating the alleged crime, police soon realized Burruss was not the only victim of this silver haired crime spree.

A quick tally showed that 29 other antique mall vendors had not been paid just over $12,000 for items sold.

The Antique Mall of Stillwater is now closed and Brooks is facing felony embezzlement charges.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

"Want Some of This?" Lands Penis Wielding Man in Jail

4/27/07 -- Cushing, OK - What is this country coming to when a man cannot even urinate off his own porch while waving his penis at passersby?

Meet the penis pointer in question, Kelly Eugene Guinn, 43, of Cushing.

Seems this past Tuesday, Guinn was minding his own business (#1 to be exact) when off-duty police officer Tully Folden happened to stroll by.

Folden couldn't help but notice Guinn was perched on the edge of his porch and urinating into yonder bushes.

Guinn, noticing Folden, promptly turned, "waving his penis" and stated "you want some of this?"

Apparently he did, as Folden placed Guinn under arrest (I bet he won't be repeating that offer while in jail).

On Wednesday, Guinn was charged with misdemeanor outraging the public decency.

C'mon, we were hoping for something more original like "assault with a friendly weapon" or even "hand to gland combat."

Monday, April 30, 2007

Hotels Have A lot of Ammenities - But You Can't Take Them With You!

4/27/07 -- Enid, OK - C'mon, we've all done it. You know, stayed the night in a hotel and you just couldn't resist taking those cute little shampoo bottles, individually wrapped soaps or heck, even a towel or two.

Seems an Enid man was thinking bigger than toiletries.

Meet Michael Scott Gehring, 28, a former guest of the Southgate Motel in Enid.

According to court records, Gehring decided to checkout February 13th with a few more items than he checked-in with.

Reportedly, Gehring was seen loading the hotel's bedding, towels, 24" color TV, microwave, refrigerator and space heaters into his Lincoln (man, my dad was right, they really do have alot of trunk space).

In addition to the 'freebies' Gehring made off with, he reportedly did $300 in damage to his room.

Last week Gehring was charged in Garfield County with felony grand larceny and maliciousness.

Gehring's bond has been set at $10,000.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pump Pirate Aids in Own Arrest

4/27/07 -- Moore, OK - It's no secret that gasoline is expensive. The super sexy SideBarBlog mini van costs about $45 to fill up! But high prices at the pump are no excuse for criminal stupidity.

Meet Karen Lynn Henderson, 46, of Moore, Oklahoma.

Seems Henderson was in need of some go-go juice earlier this month. So she stopped in to the Murphy USA gas station on 19th in Moore.

Henderson pumped $10.04 in gas. She then realized she didn't have any money on her.

According to the station attendant, Henderson offered to leave her Oklahoma State driver's license as security so she could go home, get some money and return.

The problem? Henderson never came back. Or at least not before the attendant's patience wore thin and he called police.

Last week Henderson was charged in Cleveland County with misdemeanor violation of the pump piracy act.

Here's what we at the SideBarBlog don't get - If you're gonna steal gas, first, fill up the tank, second, don't leave your ID behind. Lastly, in case Henderson just thought she could get away with pilfering $10.04 of gas in exchange for her ID - Someone needs to tell Henderson it costs $10 just to replace a lost driver's license in Oklahoma!