Thursday, December 21, 2006

When Bachelor Parties Go Bad

Del City, OK - When two 'entertainers' at a bachelor party refuse to provide sexual services the host allegedly pulls a gun on them.

According to a probable cause affidavit, on December 10, Elizabeth Diaz and Sandra Gray were "hired as entertainment for a bachelor party" when the host and bachelor Jason W. Friedly, 26, got into a dispute "regarding the services [Diaz and Grey] were to provide."

According to Diaz, she was entertaining 12-16 men at the party when Friedly took her to his bedroom and demanded oral sex. Diaz said she refused and bit Friedly on the left shoulder.

As Diaz was gathering her belongings to leave the party she noticed the money she had been paid was missing.

Diaz claims that Friedly then grabbed a rifle and while pointing it at her and Gray stated they should leave "before there were any problems."

Apparently Friedly's fiancee gave police permission to search the residence and retrieve the rifle in question; a Browning 20-gauge. Friedly was placed under arrest.

Police have requested charges of pointing a firearm and assault and battery.

As of this date no charges have been filed.

A quick court records search shows an active misdemeanor prostitution case in Oklahoma County against an Elizabeth Ann Diaz. However, it is unknown if this is indeed the same Elizabeth Diaz mentioned in this story.

Attention Wal Mart Customers - 2 for 1 on TV's... NOT!

OKC, OK - Two Wal Mart customers tried to pull a two-for-one on televisions and instead are looking at a date with the judge.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Ken Casady, 31, and Trevor Mortensen, 22, (who we will refer to as Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum respectively) walked into the Wal Mart on West Reno in OKC on the afternoon of December 8.

Dee and Dum promptly proceeded to the electronics department and picked out a spiffy TV for $618.

After paying for and placing the TV in their car, it hit them - they only bought one TV but there are two of them. Now, that hardly seems fair.

So, Dee and Dum walk back into the store, with their trusty receipt in hand, and proceed to place an identical TV into their basket and out the door they went.

Unfortunately for them, those pesky Wal Mart security officers were none too impressed and detained the duo until police arrived.

Tweedle-Dum (Mortensen) the younger of the two seems to have been down this road before.

A quick review of his criminal past shows a current case in Oklahoma County court for felony grand larceny, arson, obtaining money under false pretenses, pointing a firearm and 6 counts of concealing stolen property.

Rude Awakening

OKC, OK - An Oklahoma woman wakes up to find her neighbor standing naked at the end of her bed, the suspect is no stranger to law enforcement.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed December 11 in Oklahoma County, Allen Ray Bradley, 26, decided to pay a late night visit to his female neighbor -sans clothes and sans invitation.

Allegedly, on December 10, Bradley entered into the woman's residence through an unlocked overhead garage door. He then was able unlatch an interior door secured with a chain lock.

According to police, the victim "was asleep in bed when he woke up and found [Bradley] standing at the foot of her bed. [Bradley] was naked."

The victim them yelled and Bradley fled the residence.

Bradley was charged December 15 with the felony crimes of burglary in the 1st degree and indecent exposure.

A quick look in into Bradley's past shows several runins with the law going back to 1998 (when Bradley turned 18).

In 1998 Bradley was convicted in Garfield County of felony possession of a CDS and given a deferred sentence.

In 2001 Bradley was again convicted in Garfield County of felony possession of CDS with intent to distribute near a school. For this conviction he was given 5-years in prison.

Later that same year he was convicted of attempted escape.

You can view Bradley's DOC record here.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Woman Embezzles $64K from Employer

Moore, OK - A woman from Moore allegedly embezzled just over $64,000 this holiday season from her employer.

According to court papers, Paula Louise Bland, 34, was employed at Vesta Homes in their accounts payable department. Police allege that in a three month period of time, Bland wrote herself $64,015.43 worth of unauthorized checks.

And what was on Bland's shopping list... $757 for a riding lawn mower, $456 at Office Depot and $4,980 to "her cosmetic surgeon" (isn't that about the going rate for a boob job).

Felony charges and an arrest warrant were issued for Bland December 15th.

Really Dumb Credit Card Thief

Moore, OK - Somebody using another person's credit card number illegally is nothing new, it happens hundreds of times every day. However, it never ceases to amaze me how stupid some criminals are when perpetrating such a crime.

Take Tomica Adell Deshazer for instance. This 26-year-old mastermind allegedly decided to write down the credit card number of a customer at a Moore dry cleaners where she worked.

Deshazer, who lives in NE Oklahoma City, apparently thought she was due a really big tip from her customer - $286.15 to be exact.

According to court records, this past July, Deshazer promptly picked up the phone and used the stolen credit card information to make her monthly car payment.

Needless to say, it didn't take an abundance of detective work to figure out who the credit card thief was.

On December 11, criminal charges were filed in Cleveland County.