Saturday, January 5, 2008

District Attorney Mashburn No Protector of Children - Refuses to file rape charges against online predator

1/5/07 -- Cleveland Co, OK - As reported by KFOR News Channel 4 last night, Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn is refusing to pursue felony rape and sodomy charges, as requested by police investigators, in online predator case.

According to published reports, a man met a 13-year old girl on the popular social networking site

The man, Brett Yocham, 18, then secretly met the young victim in person at least twice. Each time, reportedly, supplying her with alcohol and then having sex with her.

Police investigated the alleged sex crime and reported that Yocham admitted to having sex with the minor.

After their investigation, police requested felony charges of first degree rape and sodomy be filed against Yocham.

D.A. Mashburn decided to ignore investigators requests and instead filed a single misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

In response to "why?", D.A. Mashburn blamed the victim and her family - stating, "we take into consideration what the victim wants to do [and] we talk to the victims family about it..." reminds readers that while prosecutors often consult with victims and their family about the severity of punishment to pursue against an offender (jail vs. no jail, 5-years vs. 20-years and life vs. death) it is not customary to not pursue the appropriate charge as requested by investigators.

Often times the victims of domestic physical and/or sexual abuse later recant and decide they do not want their scumbag husbands or boyfriends charged with crimes. Prosecutors across this county pursue those warranted criminal charges anyway, in "the best interest of justice."

In an age of "To Catch a Predator" and deviant men who use teenage girls as their playthings, D.A. Mashburn is proving to be a saint to predators and a contributor to the abuse of our children.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Norman Car Burglar Nabbed After Trying to Buy Accessories

1/3/08 -- Norman, OK - Here's another good reason to mail in those annoying warranty and registration cards you get with all those electronic Christmas goodies - they may lead to the arrest of a burglar!

According to Norman police, on November 30, Norman resident Ian Koetter-Manson realized his '05 Mazda RX8 had been broken into and his radar detector stolen.

The victim contacted police and then followed up with a call to the manufacturer of the radar detector to obtain the detector's serial number.

As luck would have it, the burglar had just placed a call to the manufacturer too!

Seems the burglar forgot to take the radar detector's power supply when he was snatching it out of the vehicle and was trying to order a new one.

The manufacturer provided investigators with the name, telephone number and mailing address for the suspected burglar - Stephen Phillip Liles, 21, living in the 2200 block of Harttons Drive in Norman.

When investigators went to Liles home to question him, Liles reportedly confessed in detail to the robbery.

Liles told investigators he was prowling around an apartment complex parking lot with a crowbar, looking for vehicles to burglarize.

When he saw the RX8 he told investigators, he "knew that it would have something good in it."

Liles was charged with felony burglary in Cleveland County on December 27.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pauls Valley Man Charged with Biting Another's Ear Off!

11/27/07 -- Norman, OK - A man claiming he was trying to break up a fight has been charged with biting off the ear of another man.

According to court records, Joseph Edward Johnson, 27, of Pauls Valley, was arrested last saturday on complaints of maiming and public drunk.

Reportedly, a friend of Johnson's got into an altercation with another man in the 700 block of Asp in Norman. Johnson, wanting to be the ever vigilante BFF, decided to pull a Vincent van Gogh and promptly bit off the ear of the victim.

When police arrived they noted Johnson had a strong odor of alcohol about him and slurd speech (maybe he just had some ear stuck in his teeth).

The victim was rushed to the hospital.

The next day Johnson was charged with felony maiming and public drunk in Cleveland County.

Johnson was released from jail after posting a $50,000 bond.

Johnson's next court appearance is set for November 27.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Dad Gets Stabbed While Seeking Apology from Son

11/5/07 -- Moore, OK - Ah, the joys of fatherhood; that unexplainable sense of pride when your little boy becomes an adult - or, at least gets charged as an adult after he plunges a knife into your stomach and arm!

According to court records, Ernest Ray Robinson decided to confront his 17-year old son, Cameron Cortez Gaddis, on Oct. 27th. The reason for the confrontation? Seems Robinson was seeking an apology for an assault on him by Gaddis previously.

Seems Gaddis wasn't in an apologetic mood. According to police, Gaddis produced a knife and stabbed dear old dad in the chest. When dad tried to detain Gaddis, Gaddis allegedly stabbed him in the left arm.

Robison was treated and released from a local hosptial.

Gaddis has now been charged in Cleveland County with assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Newalla Woman Faces Felony Animal Cruelty Charges

7/12/07 -- Newalla, OK - A Newalla woman has been charged with three felony counts of animal cruelty after several dead and dying cats were found in her residence.

According to court records, on June 13th, investigators went to the home of Tamara Doner and her husband at 20101 SE 134th.

The investigators were following up on an animal cruelty complaint.

Allegedly, when they arrived and entered the residence, they immediately "smelled feces, urine and decomposing animals."

Reportedly, the investigators observed at least 5 cats that were dead and an "unknown amount of cannibalized cats in the hallway and bedroom."

Four kittens and one adult cat was removed from the residence and taken by investigators to a shelter for medical care. One kitten reportedly died soon thereafter.

Doner has been charged in Cleveland County with three felony cruelty of animals complaints.

OU Freshman Charged with Embezzlement

7/12/07 -- Norman, OK - According to court records, University of Oklahoma freshman, Heather Kay Orr, 20, was charged with felony embezzlement June 25th in Cleveland County.

Allegedly, on March 3rd, Orr was working at Dowell Properties as a leasing agent when she failed to report/deposit a cash rent payment of $570.

When questioned by police, Orr "appeared to be upset and close to tears."

Before digging her hole any deeper, Orr took a tip from all those C.S.I shows and requested an attorney.

OU's online directory did not indicate if Orr was majoring in finance - lets hope not.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Party-Goer Marinated in Gasoline Set Ablaze

7/5/07 -- Norman, OK - Take a note SideBarBog fans... "Do not soak your party guests in gasoline and then joke around with a butane lighter."

Seems in October of 2006 a Moore resident learned that lesson the hard way.

According to court records, and published reports, Michael Allen Eckhoff, 24, was charged in the death of Sampson Levi Evey, 22. This after Evey reportedly tipped over in a chair he was seated in an knocked a container of gasoline over, soaking himself, his clothes and the immediate area.

Eckhoff, who is identified as Evey's cousin, allegedly proceeded to stand over Evey and lit a butane lighter, causing Evey to become engulfed in flames.

As reported by the Pauls Valley Daily Democrat, "Witnesses said Eckhoff meant his gesture with the lighter 'as a joke.' In filing the second-degree manslaughter charge, which refers to the killing of someone by the 'culpable negligence of another,' prosecutors probably felt Eckhoff 'should have known better than to hold a lighter next to the victim and light it.'"

Though Evey was taken by helicopter to Baptist Hospital in OKC, he later died of his injuries.

The second-degree manslaughter charge is punishable by imprisonment for not more than four years and not less than two years, or by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or by a fine not exceeding $1,000, or both fine and imprisonment, according to state statutes.

Wal-Mart Thievery Goes High Tech

7/9/07 -- Cushing, OK - An Oklahoma City woman is accused of being involved in a crime ring that manufactures fake retail receipts and UPC labels.

According to court records, Elvia McGinnis, 48, of Oklahoma City, was in a Cushing Wal-Mart on April 13th trying to return one of those trendy little MP3 players - a ZenV Media Player to be exact.

The problem? McGinnis had just returned an identical media player the day before. Oh yeah, and the receipt she presented and the UPC bar code on the back of the product were counterfeit!

Investigators alleged that McGinnis may be part of a crime ring that manufactures their own authentic looking Wal-Mart receipts in an attempt to defraud retailers out of cash.

Seems McGinnis' alleged crime spree started to unravel when she returned the MP3 player that she had originally purchased for about $80. However, the receipt she produced when returning the item for cash indicated she had paid $348 - Potentially a $268 profit/loss had the scam worked.

On April 25th, McGinnis was charged in Payne County with the misdemeanor crime of attempted false pretense.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Want a Beat Down with that Whopper?

7/3/07 -- Norman, OK - Seems some dope smoking employees of Burger King dished out a bit of revenge on a co-worker for snitching them out.

According to court records, on June 14th, police were called to a Burger King in Norman. The caller claimed that BK employees were smoking marijuana on the restaurant's patio area (at least they had plenty of snacks around in case they got the munchies).

When police arrived they found two employees, Edward Lee Moore IV (18) and Myesha Joy Smith (22), in possession of a small amount of pot. Each was issued a $300 ticket.

Realizing it takes quite awhile to pay a $300 fine when working for minimum wage, the duo decided to enact some revenge on the suspected snitch - a fellow female co-worker who apparently lived in an apartment facing the BK.

Moore and Smith (did we mention Smith was the manager of the BK in question) decided to pay the alleged snitch a house call.

According to police, Moore and Smith kicked in the victim's door and assaulted her.

The same day, Moore and Smith were charged with felony assault and battery and burglary.

When interviewed by KFOR News Channel 4's Ali Meyer, Moore claimed he's not a woman beater by nature, he was just getting even for the female victim calling the cops on him.

At SideBarBlog we think maybe the only way to understand those goofy Burger King commercials is to be high!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Cleveland County Police Briefs

The following are recent stories of law and disorder in Cleveland County Oklahoma, that while mentionable, do not warrant their own individual article.

  1. Moore, OK - On June 13th, 39-year-old Moore resident Rodney Owen Cartmill was charged with the misdemeanor crime of threatening a violent act.

    According to court records, on May 25th Cartmill telephoned an ex-girlfriend and told her he was going to "kill her, her child, her new boyfriend and then himself."

    Cartmill reportedly (and stupidly) told at least two more witnesses the of the plan. Cartmill allegedly had even given himself a deadline to complete the murder suicide.

    Cartmill is out on a $5,000 bond while he awaits trial.
  2. Moore, OK - According to court records, 18-year-old Jerad Keith Gravitt placed a very colorful telephone call to an individual he believed had been granted a Victim's Protective Order (VPO) against him. Reportedly, Gravitt told the individual, "Hey motherfucker, you think a piece of paper is going to stop a bullet?"

    Apparently Gravitt needs to stop listening to the grape vine because there was no VPO filed against him (at the time). But, he is now facing a misdemeanor charge for placing a harassing telephone call.

    According to court records, Gravitt originally denied placing any phone calls to the victim. That is until investigators told him they were going to review security video from the convenience store where the calls originated from. "Dooooough!"
  3. Moore, OK - On June 13th, Andrew Nickalus Perry, 31, of Lindsey, was been charged with larceny of merchandise from a retailer.

    According to court records, Perry pilfered $381.36 from the local Wal-Mart in Moore.

    And what was so important to Perry that he risked criminal prosecution and possibly jail?

    Reportedly, he was witnessed placing magazines, trading cards and a steering wheel cover in a Wal-Mart sack and exiting without paying for the items.

    Trading cards, Magazines and a steering wheel cover? Can't they also charge him with being a total geek!

Norman Man Provides 12-yr Old with Booze and Pot

6/29/07 -- Norman, OK - Ahh neighborly love... isn't it great when your kids can trouble your neighbors for a cup of sugar, an extra hammer to hang a picture or even a few mixed drinks and some marijuana for your pre-teen son or daughter?

Meet neighbor of the year Gary Allen Campbell, 44, living on Brandywine Lane in Norman.

Seems on June 6th, a 12-year old neighbor boy was found in Campbell's apartment by the boys mother. This, after her 9-year old child told her his brother was in Campbell's residence consuming alcohol and marijuana.

The mother called police who located the boy and transported him to the hospital. According to court papers, the boys BAC was .079.

The boy allegedly told police he was given "KD whiskey" and smoked pot from a glass pipe provided by Campbell.

When investigators questioned Campbell, he admitted to giving the pre-teen three mixed drinks containing Kentucky Deluxe whiskey and Coke. Campbell denied providing the child with marijuana.

On the 13th, Campbell was charged with the felony crimes of furnishing alcohol to a minor and causing or encouraging a minor to commit a drug related crime.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Peeing Party-Goer Gets Hauled off to Jail

6/18/07 -- OKC, OK - Have you ever done something while liquored up at a party that just didn't seem so smart the next day? Ever gone to jail for that not so smart idea?

Meet 19-year old Michael Anthony Collins (not him pictured left).

Last Wednesday, at about 4am, police were called to an apartment complex at 5762 NW 16th in response to loud music coming from a party.

When police arrived they saw several people "laughing and talking on the balcony" of the apartment in question.

Officers report that as they got closer they witnessed Collins "with his shorts down to his knees, urinating off the balcony."

Police claim they had to beat on the apartment door for "some time" before Collins' roommate answered.

Collins was placed under arrest and taken to jail for public indecency.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ex Employee Charged with Robbing Norman Subway

5/26/07 -- OKC, OK - Here's a tip, if you're gonna rob a Subway sandwich shop, don't rob the one you recently worked at - your fellow employees may just recognize your voice.

According to police, around 11pm on May 14th, two men walked into the Subway at 2339 West Main in Norman.

The first man, described as a black male, was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a bandanna covering his face. He also had a towel wrapped around what he claimed was a gun. The other man, described as a Mexican male.

The two men reportedly forced the cashier to open the safe and give them its contents (approx. $550).

The entire robbery was captured on surveillance cameras equipped with an audio recording feature.

When the tape was played back, a Subway district manager recognized the black male's voice.

The robber was identified as Dante Thomas Kennybrew, 25, a former Subway employee.

When questioned by police, Kennybrew allegedly confessed to the robbery and wasted no time trying to hang the entire robbery on his accomplice, Vicente "Vincent" Batrez Jr., 19 of Norman.

According to police, Kennybrew claimed the robbery idea was Batrez's and that he didn't keep any of the money and that he did not have a gun or any other weapon under the towel he had wrapped around his hand.

When confronted at his apartment by police, Batrez allegedly admitted to his participation but said he split the stolen loot with Kennybrew and that Kennybrew had a hand drill concealed to look like a gun under the towel during the robbery.

Kennybrew was charged with felony robbery by force and fear on the 18th.

Batrez was charged the same day with the same felony crime.

Bond has been set at $25,000 for both men.

UPDATE: On 11/19/07 Kennybrew pled guilty and was sentenced to 12-years in prison. On 10/15/07 Batrez was sentenced to 12-years in prison with all but first 6-years suspended. Batrez's mug shot and prison record can been found here.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sex at the Mall Lands Two OKC Teens in Jail

5/25/07 -- OKC, OK - You've heard the saying, "when the car is rocking, don't bother knocking." Well, it seems security at a local mall doesn't quite play by those rules.

According to police records, on April 16th at about 5pm, security guard Joseph Borst, of Penn Square Mall, was "on foot patrol in the lower level parking garage when he observed a black 2000 Ford Focus to be shaking back and forth." As the ever vigilant guard approached the vehicle he "heard moaning coming from inside."

Closer examination revealed two teens, "seated in the back seat, completely nude."

Robert John Kenyon, 19, driver (in more ways than one) and Samantha Renee Mansfield, 18 (along for 'the ride') reportedly at a combined weight of 465 pounds were just giving the shocks a good work over.

Penn Square Mall, not known for its live nudie shows, promptly placed the duo under arrest and escorted them to the mall security office to await police.

When police arrived, it was learned the vehicle (aka, Love Machine) belonged to Kenyon's mother. She was called to retrieve her car (and hopefully asked to bring a towel to sit on for the drive home).

We here at SideBarBlog would like to point out that Kenyon's court ordered anger management classes (from a prior domestic abuse conviction) must be working (at least that day).

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lexington Man Charged with Animal Cruelty

5/24/07 -- Lexington, OK - A Lexington man is accused of injuring two cows after dragging them behind his truck.

According to court records, Matthew Ray Howry, 32, agreed to keep two cows (8 months old) on his property for another man's sons. The sons were planing to show the cows at F.F.A.

Two weeks later, the owner of the cows paid a visit to Howry and discovered the cows to "have ligature marks around their necks ... their heads to be swollen ... [and] one of the cows was malnourished and would not move."

Howry reportedly told the owner he had pulled the cows behind his truck with a rope to "break them [in]."

The owner of the cows took them to a local veterinarian and then called police.

The vet determined one of the cows had cervical neck damage and was in "bad shape."

When police asked Howry if the cows resisted when he was pulling them with his truck, he allegedly replied, "a little, at first."

On May 17th Howry was charged with felony cruelty to animals.

Moore Man Arrested for Making His Own Checks

5/24/07 -- Moore, OK - Ever hear the saying, "you can write your own check"? Seems a Moore man decided to take it a literally.

According to court records, Mark Allen Cain, 28, has been putting his computer and printer to use making (and apparently trying to cash) his own homemade checks.

Reportedly, police began an investigation on Cain after an individual was arrested for trying to pass one of Cain's checks.

Allegedly, Cain was using magnetic ink to create the checks and then trading them for drugs.

Police report that after they seized Cain's computers they also discovered evidence he was creating fake ID's also.

Cain was charged May 17th in Cleveland County with felony computer crimes.

Seems Cain is no stranger to the Oklahoma judicial system.

You can see Cain's extensive Oklahoma Department of Corrections history here, which includes; concealing stolen property, forgery and drug crimes.

Monday, May 21, 2007

OU Student Charged with Breaking and Entry

5/21/07 -- Norman, OK - According to court records, Nicholas Anthony Palmisano, 25, was making himself at home in the kitchen when police were summoned. Why? Seems Palmisano was not in his own kitchen. As a matter of fact, the woman living in the home told police she doesn't even know Palmisano.

Reportedly, on the night of May 13th, Palmisano entered a partially opened garage door in the 1100 block of Caracara Dr. in Norman. Once inside, the resident saw Palmisano in her kitchen and called police.

When police arrived, they found Palmisano laying on the floor in the living room.

Palmisano appeared to be intoxicated and was placed under arrest.

On the 15th Palmisano was charged with entering a building with unlawful intent.

The University of Oklahoma (OU) identifies Palmisano as a senior in the Price College of Business.

Court papers and OU list Palmisano's residence as the 200 block of East 31st in Edmond.

UPDATE: On 6/14/07 Palmisano pled guilty and was given 10-month deferred.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Drunk Driver Takes Aim at Good Samaritan

5/16/07 -- Newalla, OK - Ever wonder why people seem hesitant to come to the aid of others in need? Well, a Newalla man is probably wishing he had hesitated before confronting a crash victim who may have had one to many.

According to court records, Rhonda Jean Green-Thomas, 41, was driving in the 17000 block of Valley View Rd. in Newalla when she lost control and crashed into a ditch.

The crash was witnessed by Kevin Rogers.

Rogers approached the scene and noticed Green appeared to be intoxicated. Fearing she was trying to leave the scene and drive away, Rogers seized Green's keys and told her he was calling police.

Green apparently was going to have none of that as she promptly produced a pistol from her waistband.

Allegedly, Green fired at least one round at Rogers as he grabbed her arm.

As Rogers was walking back to his home, he reported that Green came up behind him an struck him in the head.

Rogers was able to flag down a passing firetruck. The firemen then detained Green until police arrived.

Police report that when they tried to speak to Green she became combative and would only yell "vulgarities" at them.

With the aid of a bomb sniffing dog, Green's gun was found in a wooded area near the scene.

Last week, Green was charged with felony assault and battery with a deadly weapon and carrying a weapon while under the influence.

UPDATE: On 6/8/07 Green was sentenced to 10-years suspended.

Teen Teller Takes Bank for $14K

5/16/07 -- Norman, OK - Ever wonder how bank employees ignore all those stacks of cash just laying around? Well, it seems the cash was too tempting for a Norman bank teller now accused of taking his work home with him - to the tune of $14,000.

According to court records, Anthony Michael Johnson, 19, was working for the Norman branch of the Republic Bank in March.

Reportedly, Johnson was caught on bank surveillance tape stealing bank funds from March 29 until April 7th.

According to court records, Johnson confessed to police investigators to the theft.

Police recovered $2,400 from Johnson's apartment. Prosecutor's alleged Johnson spent part of the money on a Playstation 3 video game system.

Approximately $11,000 remains unaccounted for.

Last week Johnson was charged with felony embezzlement in Cleveland County.
UPDATE: On 9/26/07 Johnson received a deferred sentence.

Brother Accused of Trying to Have His Sister Murdered

5/16/07 -- Lexington, OK - Brotherly love hit a new low as an Oklahoma prison inmate is facing additional charges after allegedly soliciting other prisoners to kill his sister.

According to court papers, Bruce Lee Shattuck, 56, currently serving a 20-year sentence for a solicitation of murder conviction in 2005, allegedly tried a repeat performance this past October.

Reportedly, while a guest of the Joseph Harp Correctional Center, Shattuck attempted to recruit other inmates to kill his sister, Sandra Louise Lee.

Allegedly, Shattuck provided inmates with a map to his sister's house and offered to pay $2,500 if she was killed.

Solicitation for murder in the first degree charges were filed in Cleveland County May 4th.