Friday, January 26, 2007

Fake Rolexes on Ebay? No Way!

Moore, OK - Seems the guy on the corner trying to sell his fake Rolex has migrated to the information superhighway. And what better corner of the Internet to pawn your fakery than Ebay.

According to court records, Moore resident Nhan Huynh Nguyen, 31, advertised an "authentic Rolex GMT Master II watch" on Ebay in May of last year.

The winning bid was $3,145 (including shipping).

When the winner received his new "Rolex" he felt something wasn't right. So, according to police, he took it to a master watchmaker.

The watchmaker confirmed the buyer's fears and the "Rolex" was declared a fake.

The buyer contacted Nguyen and demanded his money back.

And what was Nguyen's reply? According to the victim, Nguyen calmly stated that he had received the watch as a gift, has no idea if it is a real Rolex and only described it as authentic "because other people on Ebay do it."

Well, guess what? The felony criminal complaint and arrest warrant filed this week in Cleveland County is very authentic!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Police Catch VPO Violator Red Handed

Moore, OK - A man who allegedly violated a Victim's Protective Order (VPO) practically turned himself in to police.

VPO's exist in theory to provide protection for individuals who feel threatened by another. Often they forbid a person from approaching, telephoning, emailing or otherwise having contact with the victim.

If a person violates a VPO they can be fined or even jailed.

The problem though is in proving a violation occurred.

One quick thinking woman in Moore though turned the tables on the subject of her VPO and left him caught red handed.

According to police, the female victim received a telephone call to her cell phone in mid December from a David Lynn Craig, 41.

Reportedly, Craig "informed her that he will find her regardless of where she may try to hide."

The victim drove immediately to the Moore police station while keeping Craig on the line.

According to police, the victim then quietly handed the phone over to an officer who heard Craig comment that the VPO, "is not worth the paper it is written on" among other priceless quotes sure to please the judge.

On January 19 Craig was charged with the crime of violating the previously mentioned victim's protective order.

With Friends Like These...

Norman, OK - You know the saying, "friends help you move, but real friends help you move bodies." That seems to be the motto of a group of party goers in Norman late last year.

According to court records, a Norman police officer discovered a dead body on the side of the road December 5th of last year.

The body, which showed no apparent signs of foul play (other than being dead on the side of the road), was later identified as belonging to Michael Henderson.

When investigators spoke to Henderson's family they learned he was last seen at a party in an apartment complex in Norman.

Police then interviewed Merrick Thunderbull, 29, Keely Black, 29, and Thomas Palmer, 50.

The three allegedly explained that Henderson had been drinking and smoking crack at their party. Later the three discovered Henderson deceased on the couch.

Naturally a dead body tends to be a real buzz kill at an otherwise kicking party, so the three did what any other thoughtful law abiding hosts would do... They allegedly loaded Henderson's body into their car and dumped it on the side of the road.

All three now face felony charges of unauthorized removal of a dead body.

You can follow Thunderbull's case here - Black's case here - and Palmer's case here.

Exploding Ovaries Leads to Arrest

Norman, OK - We've all heard the expression, "my biological clock is ticking" - Well, it seems a Norman woman claimed her's wasn't ticking due to age, but as result of a bomb in her ovaries!

According to court papers, Ami Lynn Young, 43, first called Norman PD 9-1-1 on December 13 to report a "homicide attempt" that was allegedly occurring at another address.

When police arrived at the address in question they found no homicide or anyone who knew anything about an attempted homicide.

Police then proceeded to Young's residence for an explanation. According to police, Young claimed "she didn't know anything about the attempted homicide and had only heard about it."

An hour later another call to 9-1-1 was placed from Young's residence.

This time the caller claimed "she had a bomb in her ovaries."

The court record goes on to state "both calls from [Young] were unfounded."

Personally, we here at Law & Disorder Okie Style would be interested to know how Norman police disproved the whole bomb in vagina claim.

Nevertheless, a single misdemeanor count of falsely reporting a crime was filed in Cleveland County January 19.

UPDATE: 12/24/07 - According to court records, Young placed yet another call to 9-1-1 on January 19 (the same day charges were filed against her for the previously mentioned cases).

Apparently this time Young claimed her "boyfriend attempted to kill her five times."

When police arrived at Young's residence she answered the door carrying her phone and wearing nothing but an "open see through shirt."

Young allegedly told the officers her boyfriend was in Texas and that she did not have any emergency.

The report also noted that Young had been drinking, refused to put on clothing and resisted arrest.

Additional charges of falsely reporting a crime were filed January 23.