Friday, April 20, 2007

OKC Police Officer Accused of Flashing More than His Badge

4/20/07 -- OKC, OK - The Daily Oklahoman reported today that an Oklahoma City police officer is being investigated for allegedly sending a picture of his penis to a female officer's cell phone (no mention if he had to use a zoom lens).

According to the Oklahoman, an unnamed officer has been placed on PAID administrative leave after a female officer complained about receiving an unsolicited picture of the man's penis.

Police Captain Steve McCool refused to release the officer's name, age, or length of........ service (gotcha).

The female officer said she received the lewd photo on April 5th at 10:15 a.m. The victim then forwarded the picture to a witness and stated she wanted the officer prosecuted (for assault with a friendly weapon most likely).

McCool did reveal that they do not believe this is an isolated incident and are investigating other similar complaints against this same officer.

"Upon completion of that investigation, we will of course present the case to the district attorney to see if charges will be filed in this matter,” McCool said.

This brings up an interesting question. Will newly elected Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater dare file charges against an OCPD officer and risk retaliation from the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) come re-election time?

Remember, it was the FOP that refused to endorse former D.A. Wes Lane because he filed a single criminal complaint against a police officer for an alleged assault caught on security camera at the county jail. This, even though D.A. Lane pointed out to the FOP that he had only filed charges against one police officer, yet his office had received criminal complaints against as many as 60 officers.

One of the more notable quotes from D.A. Lanes ill-fought re-election campaign was when he addressed the FOP and stated, "What kind of crack would I have to be smoking to file a case on an Oklahoma City police officer at a time in which I am seeking the endorsement of the FOP?"

A Tale of Two Tapes; and Two Money Grabbing NitWits

4/20/07 -- Cleveland County, OK - Seems two men recently realized the value (or pitfall, depending on your perspective) of the unblinking security camera.

On April 3rd, Jason Michael Fernandez decided to pick up a little something at the local Jerry's Foods on Telephone Rd. in Moore. The problem? Fernandez allegedly "picked up" $833 in cash that was sitting on the counter. Who knew Jerry's Foods was giving away cash ~ Oh, wait, they're not.

According to police (and the trusty security camera videotape), Fernandez walked into the store, saw the cash sitting near the register, grabbed it, and ran home.

When Fernandez was questioned by police he allegedly admitted to the crime, stating that he took the store's hard earned cash so that he could, "pay bills."

Here's a tip Fernandez - GET A JOB!

Fernandez is now charged with felony grand larceny.

Our next security camera video star is Jason Hedrick, 29.

Seems Hedrick allegedly dropped into Dales BBQ on South Western in February for a little midnight takeout.

What Hedrick "took out" was $700 in a locked cash box.

As luck would have it, Dales BBQ has a security camera that runs 24-hours a day. A fact you would have thought Hedrick would have known, especially since Hedrick is described as a former employee.

Last week Hedrick was formerly charged with felony burglary.