Friday, March 16, 2007

Pizza! Pizza! Now, I'm Gonna Smoke Ya!

Enid, OK - Who doesn't love a hot and fresh pizza for only $5 from Little Caesar's Pizza? Well, apparently don't order it with extra cheese if you're passing through Enid.

According to police, Jesse Lee Kelsey, 18, was working at the Little Caesar's Pizza parlor on West Garriott in Enid when things got a little out of hand.

Reportedly, Derrick McMullen (assistant manager) asked Kelsey to make four batches of cheese. Well, Kelsey apparently wasn't going to take it anymore and replied, "Fuck You! Fuck You! Fuck You! Fuck You!"

McMullen said he told Kelsey to turn-in his shirt and hat and leave (how degrading is that folks).

Kelsey responded by throwing the prep rack to the floor and turning to McMullen and stating, "I'm gonna smoke you!"

McMullen, fearing Kelsey might make good on his threat, called police.

Yesterday, a single misdemeanor charge of "threatening to perform an act of violence" was filed in Garfield County against Kelsey.

No word yet if Kelsey is getting a positive recommendation from Little Caesar's.

Monster Truck Sibling Madness!

Enid, OK - A threesome heading home from an evening of Monster Trucks finds their vehicles have been vandalized by one of the groups siblings.

According to court papers, on the evening of February 17, Crystal Alcorn, James Goldman and Jamie Lawson were heading to the parking lot of the Chisholm Trail Expo Center when they came upon something that oddly enough is probably not that unusual in Enid - A woman wearing a "black jacket, with pink sleeves and the words 'Pink Ladies' " standing next to their vehicles.

When the "Pink Lady" turned around she was immediately recognized as Carrie Alcorn, 31, sister of Crystal Alcorn.

It seems the typical Okie "Howdie ya'll!" was not on Carrie's mind. The threesome advised police that Carrie promptly produced an egg and tossed it at one of their cars as she fled the area (no mention if she was whisked away by one of the T-Birds).

Upon closer examination, Crystal realized her car was coated with eggs, a large dent in the roof and various colorful words scribbled onto the car in appropriately enough, pink shoe polish ~ "Horr" (pronounced "whore"), "Bitch" and "Cunt."

When James went to check on his vehicle (did we mention James used to be married to said Pink Lady Carrie and was out with her sister Crystal on the evening in question) his vehicle too was vandalized. In addition to the new eggciting paint job, James's 1994 Ford Explorer also touted a 2' key mark and the words "Gotcha Bitch."

Yesterday, Carrie Alcorn was charged with two misdemeanor counts of malicious injury to property.

Warrant Issued for Moore Storage Bandit

Moore, OK - A recent string of storage unit thefts in Moore may be one step closer to being solved with the issuing of a recent arrest warrant.

According to court papers, Jason Randal McLean, 31, is now wanted on three felony counts of burglary in the second degree.

Seems the U Store All storage facility on North I-35 in Moore recently experienced three burglaries of individuals storage units.

It also seems that about the same time, McLean rented a storage unit at the same location in January of this year.

According to police, McClean is seen on security videos, with a yet to be identified accomplice, entering the storage facility and removing property from units not belonging to him.

Charges were filed against McLean and an arrest warrant issued yesterday.

OU Students Charged with Felony Drug Crimes

Norman, OK - At least two University of Oklahoma students charged with felony possession of drugs near a neighborhood park.

Seems on February 4, members of the Norman Police Department went to an apartment at 3700 SE 12th Ave. to serve a warrant for one Ashley Ferrel Stokes, 21.

When police arrived they were greeted by Justin Kyle McChristian, 23.

Seems McChristian didn't bother to tidy-up the community pot stash sitting on what is described in the affidavit as, "a blue tray with marijuana on the end table next to the front door in plain view."

Once inside the apartment police were introduced to Joshua "Josh" Bryan Sylvester, 21.

Allison Lindsay Snow, 21, and Ashley Stokes arrived home just in time to find police rummaging through their underwear drawers.

Upon completion of their search, police listed the following contraband;
  • 1.1 oz. of marijuana.
  • Five glass bongs (Dude!).
  • A wooden marijuana grinder.
  • Assorted small zip baggies with white residue.
  • Assorted drug paraphernalia.

Joshua "Josh" Bryan Sylvester is listed as a freshman at OU and Allison Lindsay Snow is listed as a senior in the college of journalism and mass communications.

All four are facing felony drug and paraphernalia charges for possession within 1,000' of a public park.

OU Student Charged for Tossing Phone at UT Game

Norman, OK - It seems the Sooner men's basketball team were not the only losers at the February 24, ass-whopping by the University of Texas (68-58). Meet Robert Edward Petty, 22, and student at OU.

It would appear that Petty tried his best impression of "Can you hear me now?" when he tossed his cell phone onto the court of the Lloyd Noble Center in protest of said ass-whopping.

It also seems the thousands in attendance did not hesitate to identify Petty as the cell phone bandit to police.

This past Wednesday Petty was charged in Cleveland County with the misdemeanor crime of "projecting an object at a public event." An arrest warrant was issued the same day.

Daily Arrest Wrap Up

The following individuals were booked into the Oklahoma County jail on 3/14/07.

More info at

  1. Gregory Alan Blott - White male - DOB: 10/30/58 - OKC, OK - Resides: 2800 block of SW 59. - Charges: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia.
  2. Jeffery Shawnta Booker - Black male - DOB: 9/13/88 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1000 block of NW 86. - Charges: Domestic violence and assault and battery.
  3. Robbie Jay Brown - White male - DOB: 1/11/86 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1300 block of SW 74. - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  4. Pauline Buntin - White female - DOB: 12/21/25 - OKC, OK - Resides: 2500 W. Sheridan. - Charges: Receiving stolen property and CDS within 2,000' of a school.
  5. Taft T. Burleson - White male - DOB: 6/25/81 - Yukon, OK - Resides: 11000 block of SW 15. - Charge: Robbery.
  6. Phillip Wayne Chambers - White male - DOB: 6/19/79 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1100 block of SE 40. - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  7. Miguel Duque - Mexican male - DOB: 1/10/73 - OKC, OK - Resides: 100 block of SE 52. - Charge: Possession of CDS with intent to distribute.
  8. Cody Grey English - White male - DOB: 4/27/64 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1600 block of N. Macarthur. - Charge: Larceny after felony conviction.
  9. Nancy Fritz - White female - DOB: 8/26/68 - OKC, OK - Resides: 2000 block of NW 11. - Charge: Offering to engage.
  10. Kayla Marie Harrison - Black female - DOB: 2/5/87 - OKC, OK - Resides: 4700 block of NW 23. - Charges: Possession of drug paraphernalia, trafficking and drug proceeds.
  11. Godwin Uqochukwu Ikuesanu - Black male - DOB: 11/4/88 - OKC, OK - Resides: 4700 block of NW 23. - Charges: Possession of drug paraphernalia, trafficking and drug proceeds.
  12. Phillip Dewand Laster - Black male - DOB: 4/16/76 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1100 block of SE 21. - Charges: Fugitive from justice, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of CDS with intent, drug proceeds, obstruction, public drunk and giving false information.
  13. Robert M. Nittler - Black male - DOB: 7/23/70 - MWC, OK - Resides: 6100 block of SE 9. - Charges: Firearm to commit a felony, receiving stolen property, possession of CDS, possession of marijuana, maintain a place selling CDS and drug paraphernalia.
  14. Douglas E. Pfaff - White male - DOB: 6/22/62 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3700 SW 43. - Charge: Larceny.
  15. Wendell Peral Phea - Black male - DOB: 3/25/54 - OKC, OK - Resides: 5400 NE 63. - Charges: Possession of CDS, possession of paraphernalia and larceny of merchandise.
  16. Marco Rubio Pinon - Mexican male - DOB: 8/8/71 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1500 block of NW 20. - Charges: Domestic violence and assault and battery.
  17. Mary Ann Post - Black female - DOB: 8/4/81 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1200 block of south Meridian. - Charges: Possession of CDS, maintaining a place that sells a CDS, possession of paraphernalia and drug proceeds.
  18. Pettie Menease Potter - White female - DOB: 6/19/53 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1600 block of Birch. - Charges: Domestic violence, driving license revoked and illegal lane useage.
  19. Rhonda Gail Sanders - White female - DOB: 10/22/63 - OKC, OK - Resides: 2500 block of SW 42. - Charge: larceny of merchandise.
  20. Xaiver Rashann Smith - Black male - DOB: 11/17/86 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3200 block of SE 44. - Charges: Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of CDS with intent to distribute and drug proceeds.
  21. Vera T. Yond - Black female - DOB: 10/27/79 - OKC, OK - Resides: 200 block of NW 87. - Charge: Domestic violence.
  22. Sherman Allen Young - White male - DOB: 4/16/79 - Del City, OK - Resides: 1600 Elm Dr. - Charges: Possession of CDS with intent to distribute, CDS within 1,000' of a school and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another OU Student Charged with Embezzlement

Norman, OK - Another University of Oklahoma student is charged with embezzling money from a local merchant.

According to court records, Saul Omar Martinez, 21, was charged with felony embezzlement this past Monday.

Court records detail that Martinez was working in the Starbucks coffee shop located in a Norman Target store when the crime was committed.

Reportedly, Martinez would activate gift cards he had not purchased and then redeem them at a later time.

Martinez reportedly confessed to Target loss prevention staff.

The total amount embezzled is listed at $550.

Martinez is listed as a junior at OU in the college of Journalism and Mass Communications.

For more OU students with sticky fingers, see the following stories;
  1. OU Student Charged with Embezzling from Best Buy
  2. Trio Takes Target For Over $10K
  3. OU Student Furnishes Apt with University Property
  4. Peeping, Pilfering and Panties - OH MY!

Idiot Calls 911 to Put Threat 'On the Record'

Moore, OK - Okay, who hasn't had someone threaten to kick their ass from time to time. But, have you ever heard of someone stupid enough to call 9-1-1 to put their own threat on record? Well, you have now.

Meet Kenneth Wayne Suggs IV, 45, from Moore, Oklahoma.

According to court records, Suggs was visiting an acquaintance when he threatened to "burn down his house, and that he intended to 'put a bullet in [his] head.'" As if Suggs's intentions were not clear enough, the police report goes on to state that Suggs, not wanting to be misunderstood, told the victim, you're a "dead motherfucker!"

The victim called police and they promptly interviewed Suggs. This is the part on COPS where the guy in the sleeveless t-shirt and boxer shorts proclaims his innocence and that the other dude is lying - case closed.

Well, not so fast. Suggs isn't your typical Einstein, and allegedly tells police that he did indeed make the statements but that all he really intended to do was "kick his ass."

The police noted that they advised Suggs against the aforementioned ass-kicking. Suggs reportedly admitted it was ill-advised but planned to do it anyway.

Again, not wanting to be misunderstood, Suggs later called 9-1-1 and stated he wanted it "on record" that he planned to kick the victim's ass.

I know, I know, you never saw this coming - Last week Suggs was charged in Cleveland County with "threatening a violent act."

* Note to readers, see what a public education will get you!

Tale of Two Stalkers...

Alleged Stalker 1:
Moore, OK - Ex-wife of man convicted of arson, now charged with stalking, fears for her safety after her daughter is followed from school.

In 2001, Ronald Dean Hanes, 39, was convicted of felony arson in the second degree.

Hanes's ex-wife aided in his prosecution. At the time, Hanes reportedly told his ex-wife that he would kill her if she testified against him.

Recently Hanes has allegedly been seen following his daughter (who resides with her mother) as she came and went from Moore High School.

Hanes's ex believes he is trying to make good on his threat against her life.

Last week Hanes was charged with misdemeanor stalking in Cleveland County.

Alleged Stalker 2:
Also charged on the same day as the above mentioned lunatic was Pamela Kristine Cavazos, 41.

According to court records, Cavazos, a Norman resident, approached a woman in Moore and proclaimed she would have the woman "killed" if she went to a particular Ford dealership.

Since the threat was made, Cavazos has allegedly showed up at the victims home and the elementary school her son attends.

A warrant was issued for Cavasos's arrest last week.

Antlers Police Officers Just Can't Get Any Respect

Antlers, OK - All together now in your best Aretha Franklin karaoke voice, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me..."

Seems local police in the tiny Oklahoma town of Antlers just can't get any of the aforementioned, and they are not taking it lying down.

According to court records, several Antler residence have recently been charged with the crime of obstructing a peace officer.

Just last Thursday the following individuals were charged in Pushmataha County;
  1. Leah Schutts, 37, was arrested after she was pulled over for a cracked windshield and it was learned her passenger, Franklin Cole, had 5 outstanding warrants and the car contained at least two "swords." Seems Schutts was only going to receive a warning until she belted out the following while throwing her eye-glasses, "You're not fucking saying anything!"
  2. Justin R. Cochran, 24, was charged after an Antlers officer pulled him over for a broken taillight. Justin proceeded to ignore the officer and walked into his home and called his parents.
  3. Rocky R. Cochran (father to Justin - see above), 39, faces a single count of obstructing a police officer. This after Rocky eloquently told the police officer who had pulled his son over for a broken tail light that he, "had discussed the bullshit repair order with [police] chief Morgan."

Logan Co Commissioner Faces Jail Over Campaign Sign

Logan County, OK - You gotta love small town politics. That, or at least small town district attorneys with nothing better to do than charge a man with a crime for holding a campaign sign in the street. Better yet, a man holding HIS OWN campaign sign.

According to court records, Mark Allan Sharpton, 39, was holding a campaign sign at Waterloo and Kelly on election day (Nov. 7) 2006.

Sharpton wasn't holding just any old election sign - you see, Sharpton was holding his own election sign in his bid for re-election as the District 1 County Commissioner in Logan County.

Seems Sharpton hadn't made friends with the local Oklahoma Highway Patrol during his previous term and campaigning - or at least not officers Henry and Brake, as they cited Sharpton for his egregious act against society!

This past Thursday (3/8/07), Logan County DA Mark Gibson saw fit to charge Sharpton with the misdemeanor crime of "improper standing in roadway."

If convicted, Sharpton could face a fine up to $100 and/or 10-days in the county jail.

In case you are wondering, Sharpton (R) won his election by 67% over Bill Evans (D).

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Daily Arrest Wrap Up

Below are a few of the unlucky individuals that were booked into the Oklahoma County jail overnight.

This information is derived from the Oklahoma County jail blotter - a public record.

More information at

  1. Nathaniel D. Bennett - Black male - DOB: 12/4/59 - OKC, OK - Resides: 8500 block of Jenny Lane. - Charge: Larceny of merchandise after felony conviction.
  2. Sarah Bragner - Black female - DOB: 11/20/75 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3400 block of SW 18. - Charges: Failure to appear and larceny of merchandise.
  3. Manuel Reyes Fernandez - Mexican male - DOB: 11/18/77 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1200 Blk of N. Blackwelder. - Charge: Receiving stolen property.
  4. Steve Garcia - Mexican male - DOB: 11/8/80 - Warr Acres, OK - Resides: 4500 block of North MacArthur Blvd. - Charges: Illegal use of a police radio, operating a chop shop, possession of CDS with intent to distribute, alarm system violation and failure to appear.
  5. Melissa Jo Graham - White female - DOB: 3/17/80 - OKC, OK - Charge: Possession of CDS
  6. Dennis Leroy Grant Jr. - Black male - DOB: 11/28/80 - OKC, OK - Resides: 6800 block of Umbrian. - Charges: Trespassing and larceny of merchandise.
  7. Kevin Rachad Haley - Black male - DOB: 10/25/88 - OKC, OK - Resides: 10600 block of N. Council Rd. - Charges: Burglary, false impersonation, fugitive from justice and giving false information.
  8. Cedric D. Hill - Black male - DOB: 12/31/88 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1600 block of NW Donald. - Charges: Burglary, no driver's license, leaving the scene of an accident and illegal lane use.
  9. Tony Lester Hill - Black male - DOB: 1/9/78 - OKC, OK - Resides: 7600 block of NW 10. - Charge: Burglary.
  10. Norman Ray Houston - Black male - DOB: 8/18/77 - OKC, OK - Resides: 7400 NW 10. - Charges: Domestic assault and battery (strangulation) and assault and battery.
  11. Brandon D. Jackson - Black male - DOB: 10/26/81 - OKC, OK - Resides: 5400 block of N. Meridian Ave. - Charges: Possession of CDS, drug paraphernalia, trespassing and larceny.
  12. Kody Don Manharth - White male - DOB: 8/30/88 - OKC, OK - Resides: 500 block of NW 88. - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  13. Gerardo O. Mendoza - Mexican male - DOB: 3/9/89 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3700 block of SW 43. - Charge: Burglary.
  14. Martina R. Monreal - White female - DOB: 1/15/79 - Hennessey, OK - Charges: Fugitive from justice, giving false information and larceny or merchandise.
  15. Rito Morales - Mexican male - DOB: 11/10/87 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3300 block of SW 17. - Charge: Burglary.
  16. Sarah Elizabeth Paine - White female - DOB: 4/6/77 - OKC, OK - Charge: Offering to engage in lewdness/prostitution.
  17. Jackie Lee Patterson Jr. - White male - DOB: 11/23/80 - OKC, OK - Resides: 100 block of SE 34. - Charges: Aggravated assault and battery of a police officer, fugitive from justice, possession of CDS, assault and battery of a city officer, resisting arrest and giving false information.
  18. Jeffrey Ray Phillips - Black male - DOB: 7/20/86 - OKC, OK - Resides: 400 block of the Tinker Diagonal. - Charges: Domestic violence, assault and battery and giving false information.
  19. Gale Susan Rose - White female - DOB: 3/19/67 - Norman, OK - Resides: 300 block of Boyd. - Charges: Failure to appear and larceny.
  20. Torres Pedro S(z)avala - Mexican male - DOB: 9/9/81 - OKC, OK - Resides: 2300 block of SW 24. - Charges: Burglary, fugitive from justice and destroying property.
  21. Marilyn Davina Shartati - Black male - DOB: 9/20/57 - OKC, OK - Resides: 4800 block of S. I-35. - Charges: Fugitive from justice, possession of marijuana, maintaining a dwelling where a CDS is sold, possession of paraphernalia, trafficking and drug proceeds.
  22. Geiselle N. Stevenson - Black female - DOB: 3/13/07 - OKC, OK - Resides: 6000 block of NW 10. - Charges: Failure to appear, obstruction and larceny of merchandise.
  23. Charles Lee Thomason - White male - DOB: 6/28/57 - OKC, OK - Resides: 5700 block of Tall Oaks Dr. - Charge: Assault and battery.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Prostitute Salute to 2007

OKC, OK - Welcome to 2007 in Oklahoma City; Bricktown is bustling, the lottery is in full swing, tattoos are legal and the street hookers are on parade. Man, we've made it to the big time now! presents the latest installment of, The Robinson Minute, a look into local street prostitution and the communities held hostage by it.

Shot and edited by Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante and founder of and this blog.

Take a minute (4:29 to be exact) and see for yourself the graphic realities of street prostitution.

The Robinson Minute (January through March 5, 2007)

More information at

Daily Arrest Wrap Up

Below are a few of the unlucky individuals that were booked into the Oklahoma County jail overnight.

This information is derived from the Oklahoma County jail blotter - a public record.

More information at

  1. Chad Allen Ake - White male - DOB: 4/21/73 - OKC, OK - Charges: Domestic violence and assault and battery.
  2. Dee jack Brown - Black male - DOB: 7/13/63 - Norman, OK - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  3. Adriano Davilla - White male - DOB: 7/8/35 - Yukon, OK - Charge: Arson.
  4. Gilbert Dozal - Mexican male - DOB: 5/6/87 - OKC, OK - Charge: Receiving stolen property.
  5. Alex C. Duru - Black male - DOB: 4/29/89 - OKC, OK - Charge: Assault and battery with a deadly weapon.
  6. Victor Ivan Diaz Felix - Mexican male - DOB: 7/9/73 - OKC, OK - Charges: Burglary and domestic violence.
  7. Donna Fisher - White female - DOB: 8/31/70 - OKC, OK - Charges: Assault and battery of a city officer, obstruction and trespassing.
  8. Montrel Hall - Black male - DOB: 3/11/84 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1600 Block NE 14th - Charge: Assault and battery.
  9. Anthony J. Jones - White male - DOB: 1/22/85 - Mustang, OK - Resides: 1700 block of Morh Lane - Charges: Possession of a firearm after felony conviction, firearm to commit a felony, receiving stolen property, fugitive from justice, possession of CDS, possession of marijuana, defective windshield and no state driver's license.
  10. Charles Leonard Lawson - Black male - DOB: 8/7/81 - OKC, OK - Resides: 8000 block of North Hudson. - Charges: Possession of marijuana, trafficking drugs, drug proceeds and obstruction.
  11. Victor Martinez - Mexican male - DOB: 12/4/78 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1400 block of SW 31. - Charge: Lewd acts with a child under 16.
  12. Richard E. Morningstar - White male - DOB: 9/25/77 - Percell, OK - Resides: 20000 block of S. Portland. - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  13. Crystal Dawn Ogburn - White female - DOB: 8/6/76 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3900 block of NW 14. - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  14. Carolyn A. Patterson - White female - DOB: 5/12/43 - Newalla, OK - Resides: 1900 block of Rock Springs Rd. - Charge: Domestic violence.
  15. Bobby Joe Scott - White male - DOB: 11/4/60 - OKC, OK - Resides: 4500 block of South Woodward. - Charges: Domestic violence, failure to appear and following to close.
  16. Greg Louis Wadley - Black male - DOB: 1/21/78 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1400 block of NW 25. - Charge: Receiving a stolen vehicle.
  17. Carlin J. Woodson - Black male - DOB: 8/5/86 - OKC, OK - Resides: 2200 block of SW 93. - Charges: Assault and battery and failure to stop for a stop sign.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend Arrest Wrapup 3/10/07 - 3/12/07

Okla. Co, OK - This entry will kickoff a new feature of the Sidebar Blog - the "Daily/Weekend Wrap up."

This weekend wrap up is a summary of notable arrests in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma this past weekend.

The following information is from the Oklahoma County jail blotter; a public document.

  1. Melissa Fournier - White female - DOB: 7/4/72 - Del City, OK - Charges: Possession of a stolen credit card and larceny of merchandise.
  2. Adam Ray Gaddis - White male - DOB: 12/22/81 - Edmond, OK - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  3. Stephanie Rae Huggins - White female - DOB: 9/21/87 - OKC, OK - Charges: Domestic violence and assault and battery.
  4. Serena Ann Jones - White female - DOB: 9/20/73 - OKC, OK - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  5. Andre Lejuan Knuckles - Black male - DOB: 9/25/82 - OKC, OK - Charges: Receiving stolen property and robbery.
  6. Aaron Lunceford - White male - DOB: 4/11/83 - Edmond, OK - Charge: Murder
  7. Venetta Reva Parker - Black female - DOB: 7/10/86 - OKC, OK - Charge: Trespassing on private property AFC - Note: Convicted prostitute.
  8. Sharenda N. Parks - Black female - DOB: 10/22/83 - OKC, OK - Charges: Receiving stolen property, robbery and no auto insurance.
  9. Susan Francis Primeaux - Indian female - DOB: 8/8/57 - OKC, OK - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  10. Manuel Rangel - Mexican male - DOB: 1/17/83 - OKC, OK - Charges: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery.
  11. Chanel Lashea Williams - Black female - DOB: 3/8/86 - OKC, OK - Charge: Larceny.


  1. Rick Allen Borst - White male - DOB: 2/2/54 - OKC, OK - Charge: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.
  2. Linda Gale Callum - White female - DOB: 8/30/63 - OKC, OK - Charges: Providing beer to a minor, disregarding a signal light and larceny of merchandise.
  3. Steve Anthony Clawson - White male - DOB: 1/31/69 - OKC, OK - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  4. Jareld Dean Dunkin - Indian male - DOB: 3/11/73 - OKC, OK - Charges: Domestic violence and assault and battery.
  5. Jovan Darnell Hibler - Black male - DOB: 6/10/87 - Kansas City, KS - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  6. Erich R. Johnson - Black male - DOB: 10/10/82 - OKC, OK - Charge: Domestic violence.
  7. Shawn A. Ketron - White male - DOB: 8/20/78 - OKC, OK - Charge: Lewd acts with a person under 16-years old.
  8. Julian Dexter Lewis - Black male - DOB: 10/13/79 - OKC, OK - Charges: Domestic violence, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, dropping an object on a motor vehicle and reckless driving.
  9. Sam Eugene Manous - Black male - DOB: 7/29/52 - MWC, OK - Charge: Assault and battery.
  10. Oscar M. Nunez - Mexican male - DOB: 3/7/81 - OKC, OK - Charges: Rape of a child, lewd acts with a child under 16, sexual battery and child stealing.
  11. Adrian Leshawn Williams - Black male - DOB: 7/13/67 - Del City, OK - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.


  1. Christopher Heath Ashford - White male - DOB: 12/25/71 - OKC, OK - Charge: Domestic violence.
  2. Regenea Berry - Black female - DOB: 11/20/88 - OKC, OK - Charge: Domestic violence.
  3. Rosalind Denise Brooks - Black female - DOB: 11/11/60 - OKC, OK - Charge: Embezzlement.
  4. Robert P. Chaffin - White male - DOB: 5/23/59 - OKC, OK - Charges: Drug paraphernalia and larceny of merchandise.
  5. Destin Odell Ellis - Black male - DOB: 2/8/74 - OKC, OK - Charges: Burglary and receiving stolen property.
  6. Travis Elroy Foy - Black male - DOB: 1/21/59 - OKC, OK - Charges: Carrying a weapon, using a firearm to commit a felony, obstructing an officer, robbery with a dangerous weapon, public drunk, possession of CDS and giving false information.
  7. William Bernard Freeman - Black male - DOB: 11/8/86 - OKC, OK - Charges: Burglary, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery and destroying property.
  8. Montrel Hall - Black male - DOB: 3/11/84 - OKC, OK - Charge: Assault and battery.
  9. Juan Sanchez Hernandez - Mexican male - DOB: 5/25/71 - Wheatland, OK - Charges: Domestic violence, public drunk and assault and battery.
  10. Steven Mark Hill - Black male - DOB: 11/17/86 - Forest Park, OK - Charge: Burglary.
  11. William C. Johnson - Black male - DOB: 8/28/79 - Edmond, OK - Charge: Assault and battery.
  12. Vickie Lynn Mitchell - Black female - DOB: 10/27/58 - OKC, OK - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  13. Charles Anthony Swanson - White male - DOB: 9/30/74 - Del City, OK - Charge: Domestic violence.
  14. Horace James White - Black male - DOB: 1/14/82 - OKC, OK - Charges: Transporting a loaded firearm and discharging a firearm from a vehicle.

The above information comes from the Oklahoma County jail blotter; a public record. More information at

News and arrests involving prostitution can be found at

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Senior Citizen Attempts Casino Heist

Norman, OK - A 70-year old man walks into a local casino and walks out with a flat screen TV and an OU blanket. The problem? He didn't win them at the craps table.

Casinos are popping up all over Oklahoma with the promise of quick cash and prizes for those with luck on their side. One Oklahoma City resident decided to forgo the whole gambling uncertainty and instead went for the sure thing.

According to police, Jerry Valdean Eaves, 70, walked into the Thunderbird Casino in Norman on February 20. Eaves apparently didn't like the odds at the blackjack table or slot machines and instead opted to help himself to a 32" flat screen television and a OU blanket.

Despite the fact that Thunderbird Casino probably has well over 100 security cameras and numerous security personnel, nobody noticed the 70-year-old Eaves lumbering out the door with his new found goodies. As a matter of fact, the items were not discovered missing for 5 days.

As luck would have it, while security was reviewing archived tapes clearly showing Mr. Eaves's handy work, staff realized Eaves was actually in the casino at that moment.

Eaves was arrested in the casino and booked into the Cleveland County jail.

Last Tuesday Eaves was formerly charged with felony grand larceny.

A quick records check shows that Eaves owns a nearly $200,000 home in Oklahoma City. You'd think he could spring for his own TV and OU memorabilia.

We here at the Sidebar Blog are convinced Eaves is simply a misunderstood OU fan who was desperate to get a lucky OU blanket and new big screen TV to what watch his sooners at the Big XII conference last week.

UPDATE: 3/15/07 - Last night KFOR News Channel 4 covered this story. While the Norman police department, nor Thunderbird Casino, would release a copy of the security tape, KFOR's own Ali Meyer was able to interview Eaves at his home.

Apparently Eaves had no idea felony charges had been filed and that a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Eaves denied stealing the TV or OU blanket (anyone notice the OU hat he was wearing in the interview). However, Eaves did state that he WOULD have stolen the items if he only could have found a door to exit the Casino without being seen! When told police claim the security video clearly shows him loading the items into his El Camino, Eaves had no comment other than to imply he was being set-up.