Monday, June 18, 2007

Peeing Party-Goer Gets Hauled off to Jail

6/18/07 -- OKC, OK - Have you ever done something while liquored up at a party that just didn't seem so smart the next day? Ever gone to jail for that not so smart idea?

Meet 19-year old Michael Anthony Collins (not him pictured left).

Last Wednesday, at about 4am, police were called to an apartment complex at 5762 NW 16th in response to loud music coming from a party.

When police arrived they saw several people "laughing and talking on the balcony" of the apartment in question.

Officers report that as they got closer they witnessed Collins "with his shorts down to his knees, urinating off the balcony."

Police claim they had to beat on the apartment door for "some time" before Collins' roommate answered.

Collins was placed under arrest and taken to jail for public indecency.

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