Friday, January 19, 2007

Those Pesky Shopping Carts

Oklahoma - We've all either been victimized by them or seen others that have. Those four-wheeled (albeit one is most assuredly either stuck or wobbling) menaces that lurk in grocery store parking lots all across this country. Yes, I am talking about the evil shopping cart.

Introduced June 4, 1937, by inventor Sylvan Goldman, owner of the Piggly-Wiggly supermarket chain in Oklahoma City.

While invaluable to millions of shoppers it would seem these necessary evils also have a not so hidden agenda to seek out and dent, ding or otherwise scratch any unsuspecting car that crosses their path.

Well it would seem that some shoppers have declared they are not going to take it anymore! And their weapon of choice - litigation.

In recent months two small claims lawsuits have been filed in Oklahoma County by patrons who returned from a day of shopping only to find a not so innocent looking wayward shopping cart had pin stripped their shiny automobile.

The first suit was brought by Princess Loftis (we don't know for sure if this is her birth name or if she is indeed royalty).

It seems Loftis was picking up some office supplies at the local Office Depot in Midwest City when she allegedly sustained over $900 in damages to her car.

Her case was heard November 8, 2006 and much to Loftis' dismay the judge sided with greedy corporate America.

The second case, filed by Danny Falcone January 11, 2007 against Wal-Mart has yet to be given a trial date.

So far its shopping carts 1 and patrons 0.

We'll be keeping an eye on this one.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Norman, OK - A man rolls his truck and when a female passerby tries to lend aid she is made a victim by the wrecked truck's ungrateful driver.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in Cleveland County, Kevin Shane Mendell, 35, managed to roll his truck. By "roll' we mean lost control around Flood and Robinson causing his truck to travel end over end landing on its side.

Enter the passerby.

A woman driving in the area witnessed Mendell's excellent driving skills and approached the mangled truck to offer assistance.

The woman instructed Mendell (who was trying to exit a window currently smashed against the pavement) to exit through the opposite and less obstructed window.

This is the part where you'd expect any sane person to brush off any broken glass about their body and offer thanks to the woman for actually giving a damn.

But alas, Mendell allegedly proceeds to forego the pleasantries and instead insists that the good samaritan hand over her keys so that he can make a speedy getaway before police arrive.

When the victim refuses, Mendell reportedly began hitting and kicking the woman.

Obviously female good samaritans run in a pack because another woman in the area sees what's transpired and proceeds to pick up a stick and threaten Mendell with it.

Finally, wanting to save face for all the card carrying Y-chromosomes out there - three men arrived on scene and held onto Mendell until police arrived.

Mendell has been charged in Cleveland County with felony robbery in the 1st degree, DUI and driving while under suspension.

While Mendell was able to produce the $10,000 bond needed to secure his release, he has applied for "indigent defense" aka, your tax dollars to defend his ungrateful ass.

UPDATE: 4/4/07 - Mendell was sentenced to 5-years in prison for attempted auto theft, DUI and driving under suspension.

Read article by the Norman Transcript.

Have wrecker will travel

Noble, OK - A man allegedly decides to celebrate the new year by paying his ex wife and her new bo a visit by wrecking said new bo's car with said ex-hubby's tow truck.

According to court papers recently filed in cleveland county, Curtis Landers, 42, went to his ex wife's residence on new year's day. Much to Mr. Landers' dismay his ex-wife was not alone, but in the company of her boyfriend (and soon to be vicim).

Not wanting to actually let bygones be bygones, or even be a man and actually face the new rooster (aka, cock) in the yard, Landers allegedly used his tow truck to make a more cowardly statement.

Reportedly, upon hearing a loud "bang" the ex-wife and her boyfriend looked outside in time to see Landers' wrecker speeding away from the residence.

Upon closer examination, said rooster realized his once shiny white Ford F150 pickup had been relieved of its bumper, grill and headlights.

A neighbor/witness was able to backup the victim's story to police.

When police arrived at Landers' home they noted a wrecker matching the witnesses description was parked in the driveway with a damaged front bumper with fresh "white paint transfer."

Landers was arrested and later released on a $10,000 bond.

Landers has been formally charged with felony malicious injury to property.