Thursday, March 22, 2007

Arrest Wrapup for 3/21/07

Okla. Co., OK - The following individuals were booked into the Oklahoma County jail overnight according to the Oklahoma County jail blotter.

  1. Kenneth Altstatt - White male - DOB: 8/5/67 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3800 N. Hartford - Charges: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery.
  2. Ricky lee Bellamy - White male - DOB: 9/15/57 - Norman, OK - Resides: 1300 block of North Cliff. - Charges: Receiving stolen property and possession of CDS.
  3. Sheena Rachelle Brown - White female - DOB: 8/5/82 - Piedmont, OK - Resides: 700 block of NW 1st. - Charges: Domestic violence and public drunk.
  4. Veronica Caudillo - Mexican female - DOB: 7/18/88 - OKC, OK - Resides: 6800 block of S. Miller. - Charge: Loaded firearm.
  5. Joshua Chavira - Mexican male - DOB: 2/7/88 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1100 block of SW 18. - Charges: Possession of a firearm after felony conviction and fugitive from justice.
  6. Samantha Marie Coggins - White female - DOB: 12/30/88 - OKC, OK - Charges: Felony computer use violation and offering to engage.
  7. Deborah Jean Connell - White female - DOB: 6/3/67 - OKC, OK - Resides: 2700 block of NW 14. - Charge: Larceny of merchandise after felony conviction.
  8. David Cruz - Mexican male - DOB: 8/1/70 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3800 block of NW 32. - Charges: Eluding police, possession of CDS with intent, no driver's license, no insurance, possession of marijuana and failure to stop at a stop sign.
  9. Kevin Paul Cryer - Black male - DOB: 1/25/80 - MWC, OK - Resides: 200 block of West Shadywood. - Charges: Obstruction, aggrivated assault and battery of a police officer, leaving scene of an accident, speeding, DUI, no driver's license, assault and battery of a city official, resisting arrest and misc. traffick infractions.
  10. William A. Donaldson - white male - DOB: 7/12/72 - OKC, OK - Resides: SE 46 and Shields. - Charges: Domestic violence, robbery and fugitive from justice.
  11. Cecil Grant Duncan - White male - DOB: 3/10/76 - MWC, OK - Resides: 600 block of Kevin Dr. - Charges: Burglary, grand larceny, possession of CDS and possession of paraphernalia.
  12. Alphonzo Fields - Black male - DOB: 6/14/64 - OKC, OK - Resides: 2200 block of NE Grand. - Charges: Assault and battery, disregarding a traffic signal and failure to appear.
  13. Cheryl Ann Gatewood - Black female - DOB: 4/12/61 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1000 block of SW 10. - Charge: Failure to vacinate dog.
  14. John Green - White male - DOB: 3/17/81 - Choctaw, OK - Resides: 16000 block of Topeka Ln. - Charge: Assault and battery.

Video Vigilante Aids in Fugitive's Arrest

3/21/07 -- OKC, OK - Local video activist aids in arrest of a wanted fugitive with a felony record this afternoon and it is all caught on camera.

At about 3:20p.m. Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante and founder of, witnessed a man on South Robinson Ave. that he knew to have outstanding warrants. Bates, along with another man, called the Oklahoma City Marshals office to report the fugitive's location.

The man, Alphonzo Fields, 42, a convicted felon, has long been rumored to buy and sell drugs in the Capitol Hill area.

Bates says that on at least two occasions Fields has threatened Bates's life.

Bates followed Fields until a City Marshal was able to pull him over and place Fields under arrest.

Fields was booked into the Oklahoma County jail for outstanding warrants on assault and battery, traffic tickets and failure to appear.

Fields's criminal history includes;
1998 conviction for public drunk.
2002 failure to appear (open case with warrant).
2002 disregarding a traffic signal (open case with warrant).
1996 charged with assault.
1996 conviction for destroying property.
2002 conviction for DUI, speeding, and misc. traffic violations.
2002 conviction for DUI and misc. traffic violations.
1999 conviction for domestic abuse.
1997 conviction for robbery in the 1st degree after felony conviction.
1997 conviction for carrying a firearm while drunk.

Click here to see Fields's DOC record.

Click here to see the video.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Six OSU Students Charged with Hazing

Stillwater, OK - Six members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity at Oklahoma State University have been formerly charged with criminal hazing.

According to police, the 6 members of the APA fraternity repeatedly hazed at least one OSU student and pledge from january 23 until February 11 of this year.

Prosecutors allege numerous pledges were victimized by the fraternity members but they are only naming one victim, Randall Matthew Nash, because he was allegedly the most physically harmed by the member's actions.

According to court records, the 6 APA members "intentionally endangered [the victims] physical and/or mental forceful beating...with a paddle" and other activities "which subjected victim to extreme mental stress."

According to media reports, the victim's beatings were so severe they will require plastic surgery to correct.

OSU has reportedly taken action against the fraternity.

The 6 members of APA charged are;
  1. Corrion "Cory" Quentrelle Cox, 22.
  2. Lyall Cobb Storandt, 22.
  3. Jason Donel Taylor, 22.
  4. Mitchell Anthony McCowan, 21.
  5. Michael Dexter Combs, 20.
  6. Joshua David Goree, 23.

If convicted the three face fines up to $500 and/or 90-days in jail.

Additional information can be found here.

Man Charged with Assault After Manhandling Teen Girl

Cushing, OK - A man is charged with assault after grabbing and allegedly making sexual advances towards a young female.

According to court records, Michael Sanchez Sr., 49, of Sugarland, Texas, was at a residence in Cushing when the alleged crime occurred.

On March 10, prosecutors claim Sanchez asked a 13-year-old girl, staying the night at the residence with a friend, to show him her finger nails. When the girl complied, Sanchez grabbed her arm and tried to pull her into his lap.

The victim told police that Sanchez then asked the girls age and told her, "you have a nice big ass for your age, and your age does not matter."

The victim ran from Sanchez and her 13-year-old friend what had happened.

An adult in the home told Sanchez to leave. The same adult reportedly told police that Sanchez had asked him at least 6 times if he (Sanchez) could have sex with the teen.

Sanchez left the residence and was later arrested for public intoxication while walking northbound in the southbound lane of traffic.

Last week in Payne County, a single misdemeanor charge of assault and battery was filed against Sanchez. Additionally, on the same day, Sanchez was also charged with public drunk.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Arrest Wrapup

Below are a few of the unlucky individuals that were booked into the Oklahoma County jail over the weekend.

This information is derived from the Oklahoma County jail blotter - a public record.

More information at

  1. Nathan Doyle Brown - Black male - DOB: 4/17/53 - OKC, OK - Resides: 200 block of NE 2. - Charge: Grand larceny.
  2. Angela D. Clemons - White female - DOB: 8/15/67 - Luther, OK - Charge: Offering to engage.
  3. Patrick Wayne Coker - White male - DOB: 4/26/70 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1000 block of Est Diane Terr. - Charge: Assault and battery.
  4. Donna M. Cook - White female - DOB: 2/26/82 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1400 block of North Blackwelder. - Charge: Possession of a firearm after a felony conviction.
  5. Robert R. Fryrear - White male - DOB: 8/9/85 - OKC, OK - Resides: 14000 block of South Hiwasseee. - Charges: Bribing a witness, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, possession of marijuana and public drunk.
  6. Marco Deonia Hollins - Black male - DOB: 8/13/86 - OKC, OK - Resides: 800 block of NW 113. - Charges: Possession of a CDS with intent to distribute and drug proceeds.
  7. Roberto Montes - Mexican male - DOB: 1/29/70 - OKC, OK - Charges: Murder and public drunk.
  8. William Scott Morgan - White male - DOB: 1/16/82 - OKC, OK - Resides: Regency Tower Apt. - Charges: Possession of CDS with intent to distribute, possession of CDS without tax stamp, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.
  9. Cory Alan Murguia - Mexican male - DOB: 11/6/88 - OKC, OK - Resides: 4000 block of SW 24. - Charges: Bribing a witness, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and public drunk.
  10. Laura Ann Ripley - White female - DOB: 10/7/78 - MWC, OK - Charge: Dancer exposing.
  11. Hector Rodriguez - Mexican male - DOB: 2/27/80 - OKC, OK - Charge: Murder.
  12. Ronald T. Smith - White male - DOB: 10/29/77 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1100 block of SW 50. - Charge: Burglary.


  1. Linda Lee Celsor - White female - DOB: 12/1/39 - Edmond, OK - Resides: 600 block of Vista Lane. - Charges: Grand larceny and larceny or merchandise.
  2. Debra Kay Miller - White female - DOB: 2/16/57 - OKC, OK - Resides: 2300 block of South Robinson. - Charges: Domestic violence and assault and battery.


  1. Juan Arellano - Mexican male - DOB: 7/10/80 - OKC, OK - Resides: NW 39th and N. MacArthur. - Charge: Trafficking illegal drugs.