Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Want a Beat Down with that Whopper?

7/3/07 -- Norman, OK - Seems some dope smoking employees of Burger King dished out a bit of revenge on a co-worker for snitching them out.

According to court records, on June 14th, police were called to a Burger King in Norman. The caller claimed that BK employees were smoking marijuana on the restaurant's patio area (at least they had plenty of snacks around in case they got the munchies).

When police arrived they found two employees, Edward Lee Moore IV (18) and Myesha Joy Smith (22), in possession of a small amount of pot. Each was issued a $300 ticket.

Realizing it takes quite awhile to pay a $300 fine when working for minimum wage, the duo decided to enact some revenge on the suspected snitch - a fellow female co-worker who apparently lived in an apartment facing the BK.

Moore and Smith (did we mention Smith was the manager of the BK in question) decided to pay the alleged snitch a house call.

According to police, Moore and Smith kicked in the victim's door and assaulted her.

The same day, Moore and Smith were charged with felony assault and battery and burglary.

When interviewed by KFOR News Channel 4's Ali Meyer, Moore claimed he's not a woman beater by nature, he was just getting even for the female victim calling the cops on him.

At SideBarBlog we think maybe the only way to understand those goofy Burger King commercials is to be high!