Thursday, March 1, 2007

Tip: When you kick your wife out, change the locks!

Norman, OK - Some say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Not so for one Norman resident who reportedly kicked his wife out of their home two months ago ~ She came back and brought an ass-whipping with her.

According to police, Summer Paul Franklin, 29, was given the boot by her hubby late last year.

For reasons not disclosed in the police report, Franklin decided to return to her former residence on February 21.

When she arrived she found her husband had made a few changes to the family home ~ mainly the addition of his new girlfriend and her two children - ouch!

Franklin, none-to-impressed, proceeded to breakdown the bedroom door which was concealing the new girlfriend.

The girlfriend told police that once inside the bedroom, Franklin attacked her in front of her 6-year old and 8-month old children.

Apparently Mr. Franklin missed all of this action but did arrive home in time to see Mrs. Franklin spit in the arresting officers face and then kick him at least once (Editorial note: We're starting to see why Mr. Franklin gave her the boot).

The soon to be ex-wife has been charged with felony assault and battery of a police officer, placing bodily fluids onto a police officer and simple assault and battery.

Mom Uses Daughter to Shoplift

Moore, OK - Oh the things we impart on our children... Do unto others, sharing, and of course the art of the heist.

According to court records, Mother of the year Dedra Elece Frost, 34, of Midwest City, was arrested after a family shopping trip at a Kohl's department store left Frost her with a shiny new set of bracelets and a free ride to the Cleveland County jail.

Allegedly, Frost entered the Kohl's on South Telephone Rd. in Moore with her daughter (records only describe her as the minor daughter of Frost). Mom and daughter each began pushing a shopping cart.

The loss prevention specialist stated that both mother and daughter entered a dressing room together. Frost's cart was described as being full of merchandise while her daughter's contained only a large empty bag.

When Frost and her daughter exited the dressing room, the mother's cart only contained "tag's from merchandise" while the daughters cart now contained a large bag that appeared to be full.

Security went on to state that the daughter pushed the cart full of unpaid merchandise out of the story as Frost walked along side.

Security then detained the two and called police.

The merchandise in the cart was valued at $785.

Frost has been charged with felony larceny and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Wes Lane - Gone, but refusing to be forgotten

Oklahoma County - Many of us thought Wes Lane would soon be out of sight and out of mind after being shown the door last November in a historic expression of (do I dare say it) no faith by voters in Oklahoma County.

We here at L&O-Okie Style only wish we could have been there as he slithered out of his county office, tail between his legs as the glow of his self appointed halo was extinguished.

Obviously Lane subscribes to the belief that there is no gratification like self-gratification ~ and his comes in the form of billboards.

Anyone who has been driving around the metro as of late has surely seen the plethora of billboards touting the solemn Lane as he peers to the heavens and seems to be thinking to himself "Why? Why? Why!!!!!"

The boards read "Thank you for the privilege of serving you as your District Attorney -- Wes Lane" followed by "Psalm 100" in the bottom corner.

We can only assume the boards were purchased with leftover campaign funds, but there is no disclosure on the signs.

To add insult to arrogance, I now hear Lane is flat refusing to take down the Web site that identifies him as the current district attorney of Oklahoma County.

Yes folks, I'm not talking about his election site (, I'm speaking of the site that since 2001 has been the "The Official Website of the Oklahoma County District Attorney"

First he impersonated a righteous man and now he's impersonating the district attorney!