Thursday, April 5, 2007

Victim of Identity Theft Receives $7K Bill from IRS

Enid, OK - A woman living in California received a letter from the IRS demanding she make good on over $7,000 in income taxes from a job in Oklahoma - the problem - the woman never worked in Oklahoma. Worse yet, it appears her entire identity was stolen by an illegal immigrant living in Enid.

According to court records, Irene Hilburn-Garcia, received a letter in January at her California residence from the IRS. The letter claimed she owed $7,387 in unpaid income tax from 2005.

The IRS claimed their records showed that in 2005 she was working in Enid, Oklahoma at Advance Foods.

Suspecting her identity was being falsely used, Garcia contacted the Enid police department and forwarded the letter from the IRS.

Enid police contacted Advance Foods who confirmed they did indeed employ a "Irene Garcia" using the same social security number and date of birth as the woman in California.

Enid police were then contacted by a local attorney who stated he was representing a Graciela Solis and that his client wanted to "come clean." (now that she's been busted)

Solis, 28, told police she had purchased a California driver's license and social security card, containing Garcia's personal information, at a flea market in Oklahoma City.

Solis did not turn the illegal documents over to police, claiming she destroyed them.

On March 29, Solis was charged with felony identity theft in Garfield County.

Bond was set at only $500.

It will be interesting to see if Solis actually sticks around, after "coming clean," to face the music or if she scurries back across the border only to resurface one day with a newly and illegally acquired identity.

OKC Firefighter Arrested Again - Is He Getting Special Treatment?

OKC, OK - A Oklahoma City firefighter, already in trouble with the law, is arrested overnight. SidebarBlog questions whether he is receiving preferential treatment.

Back in May of 2006, Oklahoma City Firefighter James Kenneth Frazer, 45, was arrested and charged with three drug related felonies (trafficking illegal drugs, distribution of CDS, and possession of a weapon while committing a felony).

Frazer posted a $30,000 bond on May 10th and was released awaiting trial.

Only two months later (7/16/06) Frazer was involved in a high speed chase after police attempted to question him and another man about a reported theft.

Frazer and the other man, Leshone Farmer, 29, fled in a truck with police chasing after them.

The chase ended near a wooded area several miles later. (read an account by the Daily Oklahoman)

Frazer was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on complaints of receiving or concealing stolen property.

While embarrassing to the Oklahoma City Fire Department, it pales in comparison to the favortism shown by then Oklahoma County District Attorney Wes Lane and the courts when Frazer was given a 'get out of jail free card' and allowed to post a Own Recognizance bond.

This, even though he was already out on bond for a drug trafficking felony involving a weapon and then led police on a high speed chase in a truck containing stolen property.

To add insult to injury, as of this date, Frazer has yet to be charged for the police chase or stolen property he was found in possession of.

Since Frazer's release he has been seen many times by this blog's author and others to be buying drugs and even apparently prostituting a woman, Kemala Brown, on South Robinson Ave.

In December, a warrant was issued for Frazer's arrest for violating the conditions of his O.R. bond.

Last night Frazer was arrested on that warrant and the additional charge of "failure to comply."

Also arrested last night was the prostitute Frazer has been seen in the company of (Kemala Brown) who has an extensive prison record.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

OU Student Charged with Stealing from University

Norman, OK - A student at the University of Oklahoma has been charged with stealing an expensive piece of video equipment from the university.

According to court records, on February 10, Kevin Troung Ha, 30, walked into the Oklahoma Memorial Union and walked out with a "data projector and case" valued at $950.

Allegedly, Ha was seen on a security camera walking into the building and then exiting the same building with the video projector.

Police utilized a confidential informant to positively identify Ha as the person on the tape.

Two days later police attempted to contact Ha via telephone, but could not reach him.

On February 14, the projector was left outside the 2nd floor entrance to the Union building.

Police again tried to contact Ha and left him a voice message that they still needed to talk to him even though the projector had been returned. Minutes later an attorney called police and told them Ha would not speak to them without his attorney present.

Yesterday (4/3), a single felony charge for grand larceny was filed in Cleveland County against Ha.

A warrant has also been issued for Ha's arrest.

Ha is listed as a senior at the University of Oklahoma in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Ha's home address is listed in the 900 block of NW 28th street.

Edmond Man Charged with Animal Cruelty

Logan County, OK - A man is criminally charged after allegedly viciously beating a dog in Logan County.

According to court records, last Friday (3/30), Timothy Martin Saathoff, 45, beat and kicked a small Husky dog "breaking the dog's pelvis and causing internal injuries."

Saathoff was charged yesterday in Logan County with the felony crime of cruelty to animals after a felony conviction.

Saathoff's former convictions include; False declaration of ownership to a pawn broker, DUI and assault and battery of a police officer.

Saathoff was released from jail, awaiting trial, on a $7,500 bond.

Saathoff reportedly lives in the 2900 block of East Noble in Edmond.