Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ladies; Here's One for Your 'Do Not Date' List

Spencer, OK - As a sort of public service to all the ladies out there, SidebarBlog would like to put our female readers on notice. That is unless you happen to seek out the stalker type when looking for a mate.

According to court records, Dennis Dean Ross, 42, may just be a wee bit needy.

Seems a little over a month ago, on two occasions, Ross had dinner dates with a Tammy L. of Norman.

Tammy told police that her relationship with Ross was purely platonic and that two dates was plenty enough to realize things were not going to work out because of Ross's "behavior" - seems Ross didn't get the same vibe.

On March 5, Tammy called 9-1-1 after she awoke to a loud noise and found Ross standing in her living room. Police reports indicate Ross may have kicked Tammy's door in to gain entry.

Ross was promptly charged with the misdemeanor crime of entering a building with unlawful intent.

Last Saturday (3/24), police were again called to Tammy's residence.

According to the responding officer, he listened to approximately 30 voice mail messages left by Ross on Tammy's answering machine.

The officer made the following notations; "While listening to the messages (Tammy) became visibly upset and began crying at one point. She said she has had to quit her job and is moving out of state due to this." The officer also noted that Ross made several threats against Tammy in his recorded messages.

Yesterday (3/29/), the Cleveland County district attorney's office filed a misdemeanor charge of stalking against Ross.

A warrant has been issued for Ross's arrest and bond has been denied until arraignment.

Ladies - Don't say we didn't warn you!

Dad Sends Son 'Godfather' Like Warning

Glencoe, OK - Who doesn't remember this scene from The Godfather... A movie studio bigwig refuses to cast the godson of Corleone in a new movie. The refusal is taken as a sign of disrespect. One morning the studio bigwig wakes up and finds the severed head of his prized race horse lying in bed next to him!

Well, it seems a Glencoe man favors himself a sorta godfather - though be it a low budget one.

According to court records, Brian Keith Hogan, 49, felt a bit disrespected by his son Jason and decided to send him a message, a la Godfather.

On March 7, Jason (living in Stillwater) received a letter from dear old dad.

The letter though wasn't one of those mushy poetic Hallmark moments punctuated with "Son, you're the greatest!" and a little cash donation to help a kid out.

Nope, this card was captioned "You've disrespected me for the last time, SON!" To make sure he had set the proper tone, dad also placed inside the card a severed wing from a bird. The wing had also been covered with a white powder.

According to police, when Jason "smelled the white powder ... his nose began burning." (Note to readers: when you receive a threatening letter in the mail coated with a powdery substance, DO NOT INHALE IT!)

Police were called and when they tested the white powder it "triggered a hazardous materials response from the Stillwater police department, Stillwater fire department and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service."

A Payne County sheriff's deputy located Mr. Hogan in (I bet you never saw this coming) a bar.

Reportedly, Hogan admitted to sending his son the letter.

On March 14, the Payne County district attorney filed a single felony count of sending a threatening letter charge against Hogan.

Hogan was released from jail on a recognizance bond (aka, get out of jail free card), awaiting his April 9, court date.

The next day Hogan was arrested again, at the aforementioned bar, by a state trooper for public drunkenness.

According to the trooper, while being transported to jail, Hogan commented on his recent dealings with police and that he wanted to move to another country "where you can drink and not get arrested."

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Man Holds Trailer Hostage to Repay Debt

Enid, OK - Man allegedly stole another's custom trailer and held it hostage in an attempt to resolve an outstanding debt; Debtor turns the tables.

According to court records, an Enid resident, identified only as 'Darin,' owed Kremlin resident, John J. Purdue, 36, $1,200.

Purdue decided to take matters into his own hands when he removed a custom made smoker built on a customized dual axle trailer belonging to Darin.

Darin returned home February 5, to find the trailer gone. A neighbor allegedly gave Darin the description of a truck seen hauling the trailer away.

Darin immediately recognized the description as that of a truck belonging to Purdue.

According to police, Darin placed a call to Purdue to confront him about the missing trailer. The telephone conversation was recorded by police.

Purdue denied taking the trailer but said "if Darin brought him his money then he might be able to find it."

The two agreed to meet at Larry's Midway later that evening. Purdue warned Darin, "if 'them damn cops' were there then he would say he didn't know where the trailer was."

Police provided Darin with a digital recorder and instructed him to call them on his cell phone and leave the line open.

At the meeting, Darin gave Purdue a check for the money owed. Purdue asked when Darin's bank opened in the morning and said as soon as he had his cash Darin could get his trailer.

Purdue then told Darin his trailer would be in safe keeping until the debt was repaid.

The next day Purdue cashed the check and allegedly dropped off Darin's trailer.

But, just when Purdue thought he'd gotten the last laugh, the Garfield County district attorney filed felony concealing stolen property charges against him.

A warrant for Purdue's arrest was issued this past Monday.

Daily Arrest Wrap Up 3/27/07

OKC, OK - According to the Oklahoma County jail blotter, the following individuals were booked into the Oklahoma County jail overnight.

  1. Zachary Lee Bailey - White male - DOB: 11/3/81 - OKC, OK - Resides: 2200 block of NW 122nd (apt) - Charges: Fugitive from justice and kidnapping.
  2. Michael S. Clark - White male - DOB: 7/6/71 - OKC, OK - Charges: Receiving stolen property, possession of CDS, possession of paraphernalia, driver's license revoked and seat belt violation.
  3. Cori M. Epperley - White female - DOB: 4/23/86 - Yukon, OK - Resides: 12000 block of NW 4 - Charge: Domestic violence.
  4. Jaykubb R. Hull - White male - DOB: 12/6/88 - Yukon, OK - Resides: 12400 block of Sweetwater Dr. - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  5. Vickie L. Johnson - White female - DOB: 11/18/54 - OKC, OK - Charges: Offering to engage in prostitution and felony computer crimes.
  6. Jessica R. Parker - White female - DOB: 2/22/82 - OKC, OK - Resides: 4400 block of NW 32. - Charges: Fugitive from justice, possession of CDS with intent, no driver's license and failure to stop for a stop sign.
  7. Hilario Reyes - Mexican male - DOB: 1/13/84 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1900 block of NW 10. - Charges: Fugitive from justice, burglary, no auto insurance and misc. traffic citations.
  8. Heather Theresa Rhodes - White female - DOB: 3/15/81 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3200 block of SE 52. - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  9. Jessie E. Williams - Black male - DOB: 11/28/72 - OKC, OK - Resides: 900 block of NW 105 (apt) - Charges: Burglary and trespassing.
  10. Joseph Young - White male - DOB: 3/28/80 - OKC, OK - Resides: 6300 block of NW 63 (apt) - Charges: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping.
  11. Sherman Allen Young - White male - DOB: 4/16/79 - OKC, OK - Resides: 2300 block of South Walnut. - Charges: Possession of CDS with intent, maintaining a place where CDS are sold, possession of drug paraphernalia and drug proceeds.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Man On House Arrest Checks Teen Out of School for Sex

Noble, OK - A man in Noble on house arrest for a burglary charge checks a teen out of school for sex; He now faces additional criminal charges.

According to court records, Shawn Michael Heaton, 18, first got into trouble with the law last October when he was arrested after allegedly burglarizing a home in Lexington while the residence were home.

Heaton was charged with felony burglary in the first degree. Unable to post bond, Heaton was eventually released on house arrest after agreeing to wear an ankle bracelet with GPS capability to ensure he stayed put.

Heaton, undeterred by the restrictions placed on him by the courts, decided to arrange a rendezvous with an underage girl.

According to police, on March 14, Heaton placed a telephone call to the Noble High School pretending to be the father of a 15-year-old female student. Heaton reportedly authorized the girl to be checked out of school early.

Heaton then met up with the girl outside the school and took her and another juvenile girl to the OU Motel in Norman.

Police were tipped off to Heaton's shenanigans and located him and the teen girls in the hotel room.

One of the girls admitted to having a sexual relationship with Heaton since September.

Just today, newly elected Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn filed felony charges of rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor against Heaton.

UPDATE: When KFOR News Channel 4 went to the residential address Heaton listed (the one where he was supposed to be on house arrest), it seems the home wasn't there - Literally!

According to neighbors, Heaton's trailer house had been repossessed within the last few days.

Weekend Arrest Wrapup 3/24/07 - 3/26/07

OKC, OK - According to the Oklahoma County jail blotter, the following individuals were booked into the Oklahoma County jail this past weekend.

  1. Scott Robert Bene - White male - DOB: 10/23/72 - OKC, OK - Resides: 11000 block of W. Country Dr. - Charges: Domestic violence, kidnapping and assault and battery.
  2. Andrea Elaine Bridges - White female - DOB: 8/27/66 - OKC, OK - Resides: 4911 S. Broadway Pl. - Charge: Receiving stolen property.
  3. Brian David Cole - White male - DOB: 9/11/77 - Tuttle, OK - Resides: 1300 County St - Charge: Domestic violence.
  4. Robert Anthony Comaduran - White male - DOB: 6/9/82 - Newcastle, PA - Resides: 4200 Hollow Rd. - Charge: Possession of CDS with intent to distribute.
  5. Daryl Crowder - Black male - DOB: 8/13/83 - OKC, OK - Resides: 12200 Heritage Park Dr. - Charges: Domestic violence sand assault and battery.
  6. Charles Larry Dixon - Black male - DOB: 6/22/67 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3800 block of oak valley Rd. - Charges: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, robbery with a dangerous weapon, leaving the scene of an accident and driving while revoked.
  7. Demarcus Montrece Hardimon - Black male - DOB: 2/8/88 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1900 block of NE 27. - Charges: Burglary and obstruction.
  8. Christopher Jones - White female - DOB: 9/5/69 - OKC, OK - Resides: 745 NW 87th St. - Charges: Assault and battery and destroying property.
  9. Joshua Lee Lamb - White male - DOB: 3/23/79 - OKC, OK - Resides: 4911 S. Broadway Pl. - Charge: Receiving stolen property.
  10. Brandon Ray Morris - White male - DOB: 11/2/76 - Edmond, OK - Resides: 5 Raton - Charges: Assault and battery and destroying property.
  11. Raul Rivera - Mexican male - DOB: 6/26/79 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3200 block of SW 51st. - Charges: Animal noise and failure to confine dog.
  12. Steven Alexis Sanchez - Mexican male - DOB: 7/4/85 - Moore, OK - Resides: 2800 block of N. Shields. - Charges: Possession of a firearm after felony conviction, receiving stolen property and possession of CDS.
  13. Charles J. Sullivan - Black male - DOB: 11/14/76 - Edmond, OK - Resides: 2600 block of Greenfield Dr. - Charges: Possession of CDS with intent, no driver's license and illegal tag.
  14. Justin Alan Wheatley - White male - DOB: 2/6/86 - MWC, OK - Resides: 2500 block of N. Glen Haven Dr. - Charges: Possession of CDS within 1,000' of a school and possession of marijuana.
  15. Shaylia Lynn Woods - White female - DOB: 8/26/84 - OKC, OK - Resides: 8300 block of N. Council. - Charges: Domestic violence and assault and battery.
  16. Joseph A . Young - White male - DOB: 3/28/80 - OKC, OK - Resides: 6300 block of NW 63rd. - Charge: Arson.


  1. Harold Ray Bailey - Black male - DOB: 8/19/91 - OKC, OK - Resides: 2400 block of SW 22nd. - Charge: Robbery with a dangerous weapon.
  2. Michael Bales - White male - DOB: 3/24/67 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1500 block of NW 20th. - Charges: Domestic violence, throwing human waste and assault and battery.
  3. Christopher Ryan Bland - White male - DOB: 5/9/86 - OKC, OK - Resides: 8400 block of NW 106. - Charges: DUI, minor operating a motor vehicle, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, actual physical control and revoked driver's license.
  4. Emily Elisa Brown - White female - DOB: 1/28/88 - Edmond, OK - Resides: 1200 Block of Hampton Ct. - Charges: Larceny of merchandise.
  5. Wallace Lorenzo Kemp - Black male - DOB: 5/10/83 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3800 block of NW 29th. - Charges: Firearm to commit a felony (robbery), altering a vin number, receiving stolen property and robbery with a dangerous weapon.
  6. Willie Lee Seamster - Black male - DOB: 5/17/55 - OKC, OK - Resides: 100 block of NW 16. - Charges: Assault and battery and kidnapping.
  7. Zeddrien Marques Tyler - Black male - DOB: 12/7/89 - Edmond, OK - Resides: 14000 block of N. Broadway (apartment). - Charges: Firearm to commit a felony, altering a vin number, receiving stolen property assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and robbery with a dangerous weapon.


  1. Larry Joe Azlin - White male - DOB: 7/6/58 - Lawton, OK - Charge: Burglary.
  2. Cody Wilder Clark - White male - DOB: 6/29/75 - OKC, OK - Resides: 3416 NW 15. - Charges: Pointing a firearm and assault and battery with a deadly weapon.
  3. Ryan Cory Eminhizer - White male - DOB: 7/14/77 - OKC, OK - Resides: 6100 block of North Brookline (apt) - Charges: Attempting to kill a police officer, obstruction and public drunk.
  4. Ivan Helguera - Mexican male - DOB: 9/15/85 - OKC, OK - Resides: 1600 block of NW 22. - Charge: Discharging a firearm from a vehicle (driveby shooting).
  5. Joshua Adam Helms - White male - DOB: 6/29/84 - Edmond, OK - Resides: 13000 block of Apple Valley Dr. - Charges: Burglary tools, grand larceny, possession of CDS and possession of paraphernalia.
  6. Daniel N. Moore - White male - DOB: 12/3/86 - OKC, OK - Resides: 6700 block of Danish Dr. - Charges: Domestic assault and battery by strangulation, carrying a weapon and public drunk.
  7. Gregory Raymond Pate - White male - DOB: 9/16/62 - OKC, OK - Resides: 11500 block of Copper Trail Lane. - Charges: Domestic assault and battery by strangulation, assault and battery with a deadly weapon and assault and battery.
  8. Patty Jo Seals - White female - DOB: 2/16/62 - MWC, OK - Resides: 3500 NW Holman Ct. - Charge: Larceny of merchandise.
  9. Timothy Scot Tomlinson - White male - DOB: 12/1/70 - Blanchard, OK - Charge: Failure to register as a sex offender.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Senior Citizens Know How to Party in Cushing

Cushing, OK - A senior citizen in Cushing is arrested on multiple drug crimes. Believe it or not, it is not his first run-in with the law.

According to court records, Kenneth Thompson, 81, is facing felony charges for 1) possession of cocaine, 2) possession of marijuana, 3) possession of drug paraphernalia and 4) unlawful use of a police scanner.

And you thought those seniors were just passing time sitting on those park benches - Hell no, they're dealing drugs!

Seems Thompson's stash was uncovered during the execution of a search warrant at his home. Now, wouldn't that make for an interesting, "anything exciting happen at grandpa's this weekend?" story.

To make matters worse for Thompson, all of these charges are enhanced by the fact he is already a convicted felon.

According to the prosecution, Thompson was convicted in 1995 of the felony crime of "unlawful delivery of a CDS" and in 2001 for possession of marijuana.

Charges were filed against Thompson on March 20.

Thompson remains in jail, unable to make bond.

UPDATE: According to media reports, Thompson is a retired school teacher and was well respected in his community.

OSU Student Charged with Possession of Child Porn

Stillwater, OK - A OSU student is charged with felony possession of child pornography.

According to court records, Brock Anthony Thurman, 23, was charged March 14 with a single felony criminal charge.

While no additional information was readily available at the time of this entry, online records indicate that Thurman is currently a student at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.

According to the Marietta Monitor (6/02), "Thurman, a 2002 graduate of Marietta High School, had accepted an Oklahoma State University 2002 Valedictorian Scholarship."

The Monitor went on to state, "Thurman is the son of Dennis and Marilyn Thurman of Marietta, and he plans to major in geology and chemistry. He is an OSU Boone Pickens Scholar and has received a John T. Liebrand Memorial Scholarship. Thurman is a member of the National Honor Society, is an All-American Scholar, and is listed in 'Who's Who Among American High School Students.'"

Thurman was released on a $7,500 bond.

Thurman's next scheduled court appearance is set for April 9.

UPDATE: According to media reports, Thurman's computer has been turned over to the FBI and may result in federal charges against him.