Friday, June 29, 2007

Cleveland County Police Briefs

The following are recent stories of law and disorder in Cleveland County Oklahoma, that while mentionable, do not warrant their own individual article.

  1. Moore, OK - On June 13th, 39-year-old Moore resident Rodney Owen Cartmill was charged with the misdemeanor crime of threatening a violent act.

    According to court records, on May 25th Cartmill telephoned an ex-girlfriend and told her he was going to "kill her, her child, her new boyfriend and then himself."

    Cartmill reportedly (and stupidly) told at least two more witnesses the of the plan. Cartmill allegedly had even given himself a deadline to complete the murder suicide.

    Cartmill is out on a $5,000 bond while he awaits trial.
  2. Moore, OK - According to court records, 18-year-old Jerad Keith Gravitt placed a very colorful telephone call to an individual he believed had been granted a Victim's Protective Order (VPO) against him. Reportedly, Gravitt told the individual, "Hey motherfucker, you think a piece of paper is going to stop a bullet?"

    Apparently Gravitt needs to stop listening to the grape vine because there was no VPO filed against him (at the time). But, he is now facing a misdemeanor charge for placing a harassing telephone call.

    According to court records, Gravitt originally denied placing any phone calls to the victim. That is until investigators told him they were going to review security video from the convenience store where the calls originated from. "Dooooough!"
  3. Moore, OK - On June 13th, Andrew Nickalus Perry, 31, of Lindsey, was been charged with larceny of merchandise from a retailer.

    According to court records, Perry pilfered $381.36 from the local Wal-Mart in Moore.

    And what was so important to Perry that he risked criminal prosecution and possibly jail?

    Reportedly, he was witnessed placing magazines, trading cards and a steering wheel cover in a Wal-Mart sack and exiting without paying for the items.

    Trading cards, Magazines and a steering wheel cover? Can't they also charge him with being a total geek!

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