Saturday, April 14, 2007

Week in Review for OSU Students Gone Awry

4/14/07 -- Stillwater, OK - While perusing public records SideBarBlog quickly realized a handful of Oklahoma State University students have gotten themselves into a little hot water over the last two weeks.

According to court records, the following OSU students now have a date with the judge;
  1. Gerald Andrew Lewis: Apparently this 19-year-old decided it would be a good idea to smoke some weed on the 6th floor of Wentz Hall on the OSU campus. Lewis was arrested with a cigar filled with marijuana that weighed in at 1.1 grams - Dude!
  2. Jessie Elaine Turner: This 20-year-old just couldn't wait four more months until she was legal to go bar hoping. According to police, Turner had recently purchased a fake ID in Kansas for $20 and just couldn't wait to use it. Too bad the fake ID didn't come with a guarantee. Worse yet, Turner (obviously not majoring in rocket science) had all of her real information printed on the ID (okay, except the birth year). Apparently the doorman at J.R. Murphy's Tavern is not your average meat head, as he recognized the ID to be a fake immediately. Seized ID in hand, the doorman contacted police... and.... well, it's pretty obvious what happened from there. Turner is now charged with possession of a false ID.
  3. Brian Jeffrey Stone: This 22-year-old was apparently at a party when Lee Cobb, a fellow OSU student, refused to leave. That is reportedly when Stone "stroked him once" (translation: Hit Cobb once in the face so hard he fell off the porch unconscious for several minutes). And what provoked Stone to strike Cobb? Seems Cobb was "acting a fool," teasing Stone about being a "hillbilly" and a "redneck." In case you are wondering, Stone is described at 6' and 250 pounds. Stone is now charged with assault and battery.
  4. William Dexter "Dex" Weir: This 23-year-old allegedly went into Brown's Bottle Shop and purchased alcohol for his underage roommate, Jeremy McCan, 20. Unfortunately, the transaction was witnessed by a plain clothed police officer. Weir is now charge with providing alcohol to a minor.
  5. Jeremy Doyle McCan: See above story.
  6. Sarah Ellen Tinsley: 25-years-old and listed as a groundskeeper at OSU, allegedly wrote a hot $17 check at the Golden Dragon Cafe.
  7. Timothy Ryan Hock: This 18-year-old was apparently having pretty good time in his blue Ford Mustang. So good in fact it caught the attention of OSU police officer Queen. Seems officer Queen noticed the brake lights on Ryan's Mustang kept going off and on... off and on... off and on (you get the picture). When officer Queen went to investigate he found the car's driver's seat contained two individuals, Ryan and a female identified only as Durant (one of which kept accidentally pushing the brake pedal). Officer Queen conducted a breathalyzer test on Ryan. Naturally, Ryan wouldn't have made this blog if the test went in his favor (scored a .12). Ryan has now been charged with actual physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated.
  8. John William Fuchs: As if growing up with that last name wasn't unlucky enough, this 23-year-old OSU student was charged with actual physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated.
  9. Jacklyn E. Dibernardo: This 20-year-old was charged with driving with a revoked license.
  10. Scott Anthony Flanery: This 24-year-old was charged this week with stalking another OSU student.
  11. Greg Kendall Gotcher: Another 20-year-old that just couldn't wait to get into a bar. Charged with possessing a false ID card on April 10.
  12. Eric C. Norrington: This 21-year-old was busted with marijuana and a smoking pipe.
  13. Trevor John Lye: This 19-year-old delinquent allegedly kicked and damaged three separate cars (all belonging to women). He has been charged with three counts of malicious injury to property.
  14. Ryan Matthew Green: On March 6th, Green, 21, allegedly ran into a parked vehicle owned by another OSU student and then fled the scene.
  15. April Elizabeth Helms: Helms, 22, described as 5'4" and 114lbs., allegedly threw a beer bottle at a man (Glenn Brown). Lucky for Brown she missed. Unfortunately for Olivia Withington, another OSU student, the bottle hit her square in the face. Also in the line of fire was Anna Rogers, as she was reportedly cut by flying glass. Helms is now charged with two felony counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.
  16. Barrett Andrew Boone: This 19-year-old is accused of DUI on April 6th.
  17. Zachary Mathew Cain: This 21-year-old is accused of DUI on April 6th.
  18. Matthew Duane Swezey: On Friday the 13th, 20-year-old Swezey allegedly was drunk and caused "malicious injury to property."
  19. Nicholas Neil McGee: This 20-year-old was charged with minor in possession of low-point beer on Friday the 13th.
  20. Jeremy Karl Schwartz: This 19-year-old was charged with minor in possession of low-point beer on Friday the 13th.

Perkins High School Student Pilfers Teacher's Purse

4/14/07 -- Perkins, OK - A high school student leaves class with more than homework. Police allege he pilfered a teachers purse of a credit card and wasted no time using it.

According to court papers, Henry Arthur Smith, 18, attends Perkins-Tryon High School in Perkins, Oklahoma.

On March 16, Penelope Palmer left her classroom to speak to another teacher. About forty five minutes later she returned to find items missing from her purse that she had left in a drawer.

Among the items missing from Palmer's purse were her driver's license, social security card and credit card.

Within hours of the theft, police allege that Smith walked into a Wal-Mart in Stillwater and made a purchase for $31.93 on Palmer's credit card.

Smith, not the brightest petty thief in Perkins, was caught on security camera during his trip to Wal-Mart.

When police reviewed the tape they quickly identified Smith as their sticky fingered suspect.

Reportedly, when Smith was interviewed by police he confessed to the crime and said he purchased a phone card at the Wal-Mart.

Earlier this month Smith was charged with the felony crime of taking a credit card.

Smith was arrested and then released on $5,000 bond.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Enid Man Charged with Making Bomb Threats

4/13/07 -- Enid, OK - Seems an Enid man has developed quite a habit of calling schools and making false bomb threats.

James Charles Jacks, 20, allegedly made at least four bomb threats in recent months.

According to police, on February 16th, March 27th, March 29th, and April 3rd phone calls were placed to the Enid Police Department. Each time the caller claimed a bomb had been placed at either Longfellow Jr. high, Lincoln Alternative School, or Garfield Elementary.

Each time the schools were cleared and searched by police. All four calls were hoaxes.

During police interviews of possible suspects/witnesses, Jacks' name was mentioned.

Police note that Jacks initially denied making the calls, but later confessed.

Jacks has been charged with four separate felony cases of making a telephone bomb threat.

Case 1.
Case 2.
Case 3.
Case 4.

Man Impersonates Cop on OU Campus

4/13/07 -- Norman, OK - A Norman man is accused of playing cop on the OU campus. If convicted, he may be playing a convict.

According to police, back in January, James Daniel Garrett, 28, was "patrolling" the University of Oklahoma campus. The problem? Garrett may have the police starter kit ('92 Ford Crown Vic. and a flashlight) but he ain't no cop.

Garrett allegedly approached two girls sitting in their car in the OU parking lot and identified himself as a police officer.

The women were unimpressed and demanded Garrett show them identification proving he was a police officer.

Garrett allegedly quickly blurted out a (paraphrasing) "Ummm, uhhhh, I'm gonna just let you fine looking ladies off with a warning."

Yesterday, Garrett was charged in Cleveland County with impersonating a police officer.

In case you're wanting to know, Garrett reportedly lives at 200 S. Vicksburg in Norman.

"I'll Be Back!" Lands Noble Man in Jail

4/13/07 -- Lexington, OK - This past Wednesday, a Noble man's to-do list included; telling off a police officer, threatening to round up his homies and kill a cop, all while driving his SUV through the front of the police station.

According to police, Jimmy Joshua Davis, 21, was a wee bit upset that the police would not return his driver's license and insurance form. It seems those items had been placed into evidence after Davis allegedly fled police during a traffic stop.

Lexington police officer, Scott Thrash, tried in vain to explain the situation to Davis.

In response, Davis allegedly spouted that he was "going to gather up his people and come back down [to the police station] and take care of it!"

I guess by "gather up his people" he meant grandma, because a few hours later she called police and told them Davis had been ranting and threatening to drive his Ford Explorer through the front of the police station and kill officer Thrash.

In response, Officer Thrash gathered up his peeps (two Purcell officers and one OHP officer) and promptly placed Davis under arrest at the local Gas-N-Go.

Davis has now been charged with two misdemeanor counts of threatening a violent act.

Woman Caught with Her hand in the Cookie Jar (make that an ATM machine)

4/13/07 -- Norman, OK - A Norman woman is caught by police with her hand inside an ATM machine.

According to court records, Veronica Louise Cook, 25, decided to make a withdrawal from the ATM machine at 1201 East Lindsay. The problem? Cook didn't have an ATM card of her own.

Actually, not a problem. It seems no matter what obstacle life throws at a woman, she has something in her purse that will overcome it. In this case it was a set of tweezers.

When police responded to a call that someone was breaking into the machine, they found Cook with "her right arm inside the machine."

Cook told police the machine "ate" her debit card.

Cook then produced three additional ATM cards she claimed she had retrieved from the machine.

Police claim Cook was using a pair of tweezers to commit the ATM heist.

Cook was booked into the Cleveland County jail and has been charged with felony burglary and credit card violations.

What Some People Will Do to Get a George Foreman Grill

Norman, OK - Kid scams Chase Bank credit card customers and buys himself a George Foreman Grill. Hey, don't knock it, it's "one lean mean fat grilling machine!" And apparently worth going to jail over.

According to court records, John Charles White, 22, used to work for Client Logic in Norman. White was supposed to be providing customer service for one of Client Logic's customers, Chase Bank.

Allegedly, from August to November of last year, White was crediting himself with other Chase Bank credit card holder's Reward Points - to the tune of $832.90.

White apparently had the George Foreman Grill and at least five $100 Best Buy gift cards mailed to his residence at 3001 Pheasant Run in Norman.

White reportedly told authorities he "didn't see any harm in using the points."

This past Monday, White was charged in Cleveland County with felony obtaining property by false pretense.

Bond has been set at $5,000.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Parents Charged When Step-Brother Forces Sister to Pose Nude

Noble, OK - Next on Jerry Springer "Brothers who take nude photos of their younger sister and the parents who do nothing to stop it."

A Noble step-mother and father are charged when they allegedly fail to take action after learning their son is forcing their pre-teen daughter to pose nude for photographs.

According to court records, police were called to the Noble Middle School after a 12-year old girl claimed her 16-year-old step-brother had been showing her pornography and forcing her to pose naked for photographs.

According to police, the victim stated that "for several months her step-brother was intimidating her into taking nude photos of herself with his cell phone."

The victim also told police that her father and step-mother found out about the photos and other pornography and told her not to tell anybody "about the situation."

The victim allegedly went on to state that her father and stepmother told her to "stop blaming the step-brother, that she (the victim) was the one to blame."

Last week charges were filed in Cleveland County against both the victim's father and step-mother.

*SidebarBlog is intentionally withholding the name of the father and link to the case to protect the identity of the young victim.

Moore Woman Charged with Stealing From Tax Payers

Moore, OK - A woman is in big trouble after she allegedly falsified documents to obtain benefits from the Department of Human Services.

Nothing should frustrate good honest working citizens more than when others, too lazy to work, try to take advantage of the system and defraud tax payers.

Meet Cindy Ann Gleason, 27, of Moore.

Gleason is accused of willfully defrauding the state when she filed for and was granted assistance based on false statements made by her.

The state claims that Gleason claimed she was a single mother with a limited income in need of medical and food assistance.

The state claims they provided Gleason with almost $3,000 in medical assistance and over $5,000 in food stamps.

The state asserts in court papers that at the time Gleason was receiving benefits provided by tax payers, the father of her child was residing with her and was gainfully employed and able to provide financially for the family.

Felony charges were filed last week for obtaining food stamps by false representation and obtaining public assistance by false representation.

A warrant has been issued for Gleason's arrest. No bond amount has been assigned.

Noble Man Bites off Another's Nose!

Norman, OK - A Noble man allegedly bites off the nose of another man during a drunken brawl.

According to court records, at about 1:30am on March 17, a man stumbled into the Norman Regional Hospital sans nose (for you Okies to the South that means without his nose).

According to the victim, Raymond Mann, the injury was caused by an Indian male named Sean Anthony McGirt, 38.

Mann told authorities that McGirt was at his home on West Frank in Norman when they got into an argument in the backyard.

The argument quickly became physical and Mann said he tried to retreat back inside his home. Mann claimed that McGirt followed him inside his home, knocked him to the ground and bite "off a large portion of [his] nose" and then spat it onto the ground.

A search was immediately launched for said nose, but it went undiscovered for several days and thus was unable to be re-attached.

McGirt, who is listed as living in the 100 block of South 5th street in Noble, was charged with felony maiming last Tuesday in Cleveland County.

Yukon Man Vandalizes Cop Car on Way to Jail

Yukon, OK - Some people just don't know how to keep from digging themselves a deeper hole.

Meet Darren Lee Wells, 21, a Yukon resident who knows the working end of said shovel.

According to court records, Wells is well known to police and the criminal justice system.

  1. 2005 felony conviction in Canadian County for burglary.
  2. 2005 felony conviction in Canadian County for knowingly concealing stolen property.
  3. 2005 Victims Protective Order against Wells issued in Canadian County.
  4. 2005 conviction in Canadian County for possession of marijuana.
  5. 2005 felony convictions in Oklahoma County for concealing stolen property and making false declaration of ownership to a pawn broker.
  6. 2007 active felony case in Canadian County for possession of marijuana.
  7. 2007 active case in Canadian County for possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to police, on Wells's latest trip to the county jail he decided to leave his mark on the officer's patrol car.

On August 26, 2006 Yukon police officer Zach Roberson was transporting citizen of the year Wells when Wells apparently cut the upholstery with a knife he had on his person. No mention as to why the knife had not been discovered and confiscated from Wells prior to placing him in the police car.

On April 2 Wells was charged with malicious injury to property.

Police list the damage at less than $2,500.