Saturday, January 5, 2008

District Attorney Mashburn No Protector of Children - Refuses to file rape charges against online predator

1/5/07 -- Cleveland Co, OK - As reported by KFOR News Channel 4 last night, Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn is refusing to pursue felony rape and sodomy charges, as requested by police investigators, in online predator case.

According to published reports, a man met a 13-year old girl on the popular social networking site

The man, Brett Yocham, 18, then secretly met the young victim in person at least twice. Each time, reportedly, supplying her with alcohol and then having sex with her.

Police investigated the alleged sex crime and reported that Yocham admitted to having sex with the minor.

After their investigation, police requested felony charges of first degree rape and sodomy be filed against Yocham.

D.A. Mashburn decided to ignore investigators requests and instead filed a single misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

In response to "why?", D.A. Mashburn blamed the victim and her family - stating, "we take into consideration what the victim wants to do [and] we talk to the victims family about it..." reminds readers that while prosecutors often consult with victims and their family about the severity of punishment to pursue against an offender (jail vs. no jail, 5-years vs. 20-years and life vs. death) it is not customary to not pursue the appropriate charge as requested by investigators.

Often times the victims of domestic physical and/or sexual abuse later recant and decide they do not want their scumbag husbands or boyfriends charged with crimes. Prosecutors across this county pursue those warranted criminal charges anyway, in "the best interest of justice."

In an age of "To Catch a Predator" and deviant men who use teenage girls as their playthings, D.A. Mashburn is proving to be a saint to predators and a contributor to the abuse of our children.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Norman Car Burglar Nabbed After Trying to Buy Accessories

1/3/08 -- Norman, OK - Here's another good reason to mail in those annoying warranty and registration cards you get with all those electronic Christmas goodies - they may lead to the arrest of a burglar!

According to Norman police, on November 30, Norman resident Ian Koetter-Manson realized his '05 Mazda RX8 had been broken into and his radar detector stolen.

The victim contacted police and then followed up with a call to the manufacturer of the radar detector to obtain the detector's serial number.

As luck would have it, the burglar had just placed a call to the manufacturer too!

Seems the burglar forgot to take the radar detector's power supply when he was snatching it out of the vehicle and was trying to order a new one.

The manufacturer provided investigators with the name, telephone number and mailing address for the suspected burglar - Stephen Phillip Liles, 21, living in the 2200 block of Harttons Drive in Norman.

When investigators went to Liles home to question him, Liles reportedly confessed in detail to the robbery.

Liles told investigators he was prowling around an apartment complex parking lot with a crowbar, looking for vehicles to burglarize.

When he saw the RX8 he told investigators, he "knew that it would have something good in it."

Liles was charged with felony burglary in Cleveland County on December 27.