Monday, November 5, 2007

Dad Gets Stabbed While Seeking Apology from Son

11/5/07 -- Moore, OK - Ah, the joys of fatherhood; that unexplainable sense of pride when your little boy becomes an adult - or, at least gets charged as an adult after he plunges a knife into your stomach and arm!

According to court records, Ernest Ray Robinson decided to confront his 17-year old son, Cameron Cortez Gaddis, on Oct. 27th. The reason for the confrontation? Seems Robinson was seeking an apology for an assault on him by Gaddis previously.

Seems Gaddis wasn't in an apologetic mood. According to police, Gaddis produced a knife and stabbed dear old dad in the chest. When dad tried to detain Gaddis, Gaddis allegedly stabbed him in the left arm.

Robison was treated and released from a local hosptial.

Gaddis has now been charged in Cleveland County with assault and battery with a deadly weapon.