Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Assault, Drugs and Pit Bulls OH MY!

5/9/07 -- Payne County, OK - Ever see those signs that read, "Never mind the gun, beware of the DOG!" Seems a Stillwater man could use one of those ~ Oh yeah, and a good lawyer.

According to court records, on March 12th a black male knocked on the apartment door of Alvin Henderson. When Henderson opened the door, the man identified himself as a gas utility employee and asked to enter the apartment.

Henderson explained that his apartment did not utilize gas and told the man to leave.

A few minutes later the man returned. When Henderson opened the door "the male pushed his way into the apartment." This is probably where you're thinking to yourself, "Oh man, this is gonna be a really bad day for Henderson." Not, so (well, not yet) as Henderson happens to own two pit bulls. Reportedly, the "two pit bulls attacked the male intruder and began biting him."

Not one to willingly become pit bull chow, the intruder allegedly produced a knife and began stabbing the two dogs as three females helped him retreat to his car to seek medical treatment.

You'd think the story would end there with "would-be robber thwarted (and almost eaten) by pit bulls arrested at hospital."

You'd be wrong.

Police later identified the would-be robber as Keith Dwayne Alston, 36, of Ponca City.

Alston's three female companions were identified as Remmessia Coburn, Lindsey Springer, and Calinda Lee.

Reportedly, the foursome said that had traveled to Henderson's apartment to check on a female friend they feared was being abused by Henderson. When Henderson denied Alston entry, they took it upon themselves to force their way in.

Further investigation may prove the entire ordeal had more to do with drugs than friends being overly concerned.

Seems a witness saw one of women (Springer) hide a bag of marijuana and cocaine before taking Alston to the hospital. A search of the getaway car produced more drugs, paraphernalia and a bloody knife.

Police obtained a search warrant for Henderson's apartment. There they found a marijuana trafficker's starter kit ~ several packed bags of pot, scales and baggies.

Police have asked for charges to be filed against everyone involved.

Last week Alston was charged in Payne County with entering a building with unlawful intent, assault and battery and carrying a concealed weapon.

Personally, we here at SideBarBlog would love the jury to stand up in court and proclaim... "Your honor, we the jury think it was Alston, in the apartment, with the bloody Knife." Can you tell we are a fan of the board game CLUE?

Monday, May 7, 2007

Cable Installer Steals Crescent Woman's Cash

5/7/07 -- Crescent, OK - A Crescent woman orders cable services and is relieved of $227 in cash by greedy installer.

Seems that until recently Jerry Lee Jackson II, 25, was working as a contract cable installer for Pioneer Telephone.

On January 13th Jackson and another man were installing cable TV and DSL on behalf of Pioneer and Tri Star Communications in the home of Amy M. of Crescent.

According to court records, during the install Amy was called away to pick up her child at school due to an ice storm.

When Amy returned, and after the workers had left, she noticed $227 was missing from her purse. It just so happens that her purse was kept under a table next to where Jackson had installed a cable outlet.

Amy called police, who in turn contact Pioneer Telephone. Pioneer explained that the installers were actually employees of Tri Star.

When police contacted the owner of Tri Star, Todd Hoskins, he advised he would have the two employees report to the police station with him and that if necessary he would personally pay for a lie detector test to be performed on his employees to determine the truth.

When Hoskins arrived at the police station he gave the investigating officer $227 to be given to Amy. Hoskins stated he did not want his company's integrity jeopardized by actions of one of his employees.

After questioning, Jackson reportedly confessed to taking the money, stating he needed it for groceries.

last week, petit larceny charges were filed against Jackson in Logan County.

Noble Man Arrested for BB Gun Driveby

5/7/07 -- Noble, OK - Does firing a BB gun from your car at another equal a drive-by, road rage or just plain stupidity? Well, you're in luck, cuz we can ask Noble resident Allen Ray Admire, 29.

Seems on May 1st Admire was just cruising along SE 156th when he decided to point a BB gun out his car window and allegedly fired it at another vehicle behind him. As the vehicle attempted to pass Admire, he fired again (no mention if he yelled "Yeeee Hawwww!" while crushing a beer can against his forehead).

As luck would have it, the victim spotted a patrol car and flagged the officer down. The officer in turn flagged Admire down.

While searching Admire's vehicle, a BB gun was found under the passenger's seat. In addition to the gun, a "cane sword" was also found (WOW, people really do buy that ninja crap at the mall).

Seems Admire's memory was a little sketchy as to when and where he pointed the BB gun. Thankfully, Admire could count on one of the two ladies riding in his vehicle to help him out.

Milissa Craumer told police that Admire did indeed shoot at the vehicle while it was behind him and once again as it passed.

Admire was arrested and then released on a personal recognizance bond (aka, get out of jail free).

The next day Admire was charged with felony discharging a weapon from a moving vehicle and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

OU Student Charged with Felony Theft of US Mail

5/7/07 -- Norman, OK - A University of Oklahoma student is captured by passersby, arrested and charged with a felony after allegedly stealing U.S. mail.

According to court records, Michael Eliot King, 26, was playing his own version of 'post office' in the 800 block of Fairway Drive on May 1st.

Witnesses in the area claim they saw King open a mailbox and "take 15-20 pieces of mail" (man, we thought we got alot of junk mail). King then allegedly placed the ill-gotten mail under his jacket and tried to leave the area. Unfortunately for King, the witnesses had other ideas and "pursued and apprehended" King and called police.

When police arrived they found the mail and glass pipe in King's jacket.

The next day, King was charged with felony burglary and receiving stolen property.

King was released after posting a $10,000 bond.

King's next court appearance is set for May 15th.

According to the university of Oklahoma Web site, King is listed as a freshman and resides in the 800 block of Cardan Place in Moore.

Loud Music & a Bad Attitude Gets Newalla Man Locked Up

5/7/07 -- Newalla, OK - Seems a Newalla man was rocking out rather loudly and wasn't about to let no cop tell him otherwise.

According to court records, on April 28th a Cleveland County Sheriff's Deputy was dispatched to investigate a loud noise complaint at 31 Barker Drive in Newalla.

The owner of the residence, Dale Beesley, 53, wasn't up to being a good host. When asked by the officer to turn the music down, Beesley reportedly replied, "I don't think I'm going to do that."

Mrs. Beesley however was much more hospitable and agreed to lower the volume. At that the deputy left.

Within minutes, the Beesley's neighbors were calling 9-1-1 again complaining that not only had the music been turned back up, but Beesley was now yelling profanities, banging on their shared fence and flashing his cars headlights into their home (as witnessed by the deputy when he returned).

When the officer asked Beesley to once again turn down the music he allegedly replied, "We don't have to!"

At that Beesley was placed under arrest after being forcefully taken to the ground and placed into custody.

While being transported to the county jail, Beesley reportedly beat his head against the patrol car's window until it broke loose from its frame.

Last week, Beesley was charged in Cleveland County with disturbing the peace and malicious injury to property.

Beesley was released on a $1,000 bond.

Beesley's next date with the judge is set for June 12th.

OKC Man Charged with Starving Cattle

5/7/07 -- Cleveland County, OK - An Oklahoma City man was criminally charged last week with the starvation deaths of up to 40 cows. Additionally, 15 others cows were taken into protective custody by Animal Welfare.

Michael Gene Ross, 45, was charged in Cleveland County District Court with 10 counts of cruelty to animals and 10 counts of leaving a carcass in a certain place.

Records show that Ross lives in the 3400 block of North Blackwelder in Oklahoma City.

Investigators sent to look into possible animal cruelty found the dead and rotting carcasses in the 10000 block of SE 179th in Norman.

Ross was granted an own recognizance bond.

Ross is scheduled to next appear in court tomorrow.

Norman Woman Turns Herself in for Embezzlement

5/7/07 -- Norman, OK - Here at SideBarBlog we've reported on lots of cases of embezzlement by an employee. In every single case the crook was outed by security - that is until now.

Meet Beverly C. Wyatt, 53, of Norman. Seems until January 22nd Wyatt was working at a Pizza Hut in Noble. That is until her conscience got the best of her (don't you hate when that happens) and she quit her job and admitted to stealing from her employer.

According to court records, Wyatt admitted to stealing the cash from the nightly deposits and then making it up the next day.

Wyatt reportedly did not explain why she took the money. Wyatt did however state her daughter was having surgery soon and that it would be better if she just quit.

Prosecutors alleged Wyatt stole almost $4,500.

Last week Wyatt was charged with felony embezzlement.