Thursday, November 30, 2006

Don't Mess with a Man's Fries

Norman, OK -- Have you ever had an order of fries that were so good you'd be willing to the beat the crap out of someone for them? Well, apparently one inmate at the Cleveland County Detention Center did.

According to court papers, Gabriel Dramein Williams, 25, was enjoying his french fries in late October while being incarcerated for failure to pay over $8,000 in child support. That's when fellow inmate Tony V.Tieaskie (auto theft and larceny) decided to help himself to a few of Williams' fries.

Not a good idea when fries are the highlight to your highly restricted day.

Reportedly Williams, who apparently has trouble providing food for his own kid, wasn't in a sharing mood. Williams threw Tieaskie down some stairs and began punching, kicking, scratching and yelling at him.

Documents show that Tieaskie suffered a cheek fracture and had to receive stitches.

Williams was charged with assault and battery.

The real question though is exactly when did inmates start getting french fries?

Police Officer Goes Above & Beyond to Return Bike

Norman, OK -- Ever had something stolen from? You know, somebody takes something out of your yard, garage, car, office, etc. What about a bike? Sure, hundreds of those two-wheeled modes of transport are stolen every year in Oklahoma.

In many cases the owners don't even to bother to call police, and those that do hold little hope their bike will be returned.

Well, one Norman man's confidence in the vigilance of the police was restored when his Schwinn Ranger was located by police only 48-hours after it was stolen. And don't think this was just some drive-by sighting of the bike by police that led to its reuniting with its owner. This crime was solved Sherlock Holmes style.

According to court records, Richard Seals reported that his bicycle was stolen on October 2 in the 2200 block of West Main Street in Norman.

Seals was not able to provide police with a serial number, but did give them the combination to a U-style lock attached to the bike.

With little to go on, Norman police officer Shawn Hawkins was hot on the case.

According to officer Hawkins, he first turned to, an Internet tool that tracks many types of business transactions, including items sold to pawn shops.

Hawkins was able to determine that a Schwinn bicycle, matching the description of Seals', was pawned only two blocks from and less than 15-minutes after Seals reported his stolen.

Hawkins went to EZ Pawn at 2321 West Main to investigate.

Hawkins immediately noticed the bike had a U-style lock on the handlebars. Hawkins tried the combination provided by Seals and the lock opened.

Pawn shop records revealed that the bike had been pawned by April Dawn Taylor, 23 of Lexington.

On October 20 Taylor was charged with the felony crimes of concealing stolen property and making a false declaration of ownership to a pawn broker.

Our hats off to Officer Hawkins!

Here's a tip for Seals, your handy dandy u-lock does a much better job when you actually USE IT.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Employee Hoses Little Axe Fire Department

Little Axe, OK -- C'mon we've all done it. Who hasn't taken home a few items from our work place - pencils, pens, Post-its, maybe even a stapler or tape dispenser. What about $4,400 in firefighting equipment?

According to court papers filed in Cleveland County, Anna Michelle Gonterman, 36, decided to take her work home with her - and hasn't been heard from since.

Little Axe Fire Commissioner Charles Early told police that Gonterman "had been on probation with the department and had been put on suspension due to some legal troubles." Court records go on to state "after being suspended [Gonterman] refused to return the equipment that was issued to her by the department and since has moved and cannot be contacted."

In late October Gonterman was charged with a single felony count of embezzlment.

Gonterman's case is still open.

UPDATE: On 12/27/06 the case was dismissed.

Dude - She Got a Dell

50" Plasma TV --- $3,500
Dell Laptop Computer --- $1,800
Dell Desktop Computer --- $1,500
Your parents turning you in to the cops for felony identity and credit card theft --- PRICELESS!

Norman, OK -- Ah, the happiness and joy children can bring their parents. You deliver them into this world, you feed and provide for them selflessly knowing that one day they will make you proud -- This ain't one of those stories.

According to court records, Norman resident Michelle Lynne Young, 35, went on a bit of a pre-Christmas shopping spree. And why not, she had a new credit line with Dell computers and an itch for electronic goodies.

Just one problem, she stole her stepfather's identity (name and social security number) to get the credit line.

And what did Young's shopping spree total? A whopping $7,803.24.

And she probably would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for those pesky customer service people at Dell who are always on the lookout for fraudulent purchases.

Seems "Christy" with Dell Financial Services placed a call to the parent in question to verify he had indeed bought almost $8,000 in high tech entertainment.

Apparently the victim was suspicious of his stepdaughter's involvement immediately.

Here's where being a step-parent has perks over being a blood parent. Those pesky little things like a concious, blaming one's self, and forgiveness don't get in the way of picking up the phone and calling the cops.

Young has a date with the judge on December 19.

Might be a good time to look over Dell's return policy -- Or "Dude, you're going to jail!"

UPDATE: On 11/2/07 Young pled guilty and was given a 2-year suspended sentence.

Peeping, Pilfering and Panties - OH MY!

Norman, OK -- Voyeur did more than spy on his victims. Norman man allegedly took covert photos and videos and even stole computers and women's underwear.

According to a Cleveland County criminal court affidavit, Nathan William Oathout, 24, is facing felony prosecution for nine charges ranging from burglary, concealing stolen property and peeping tom.

As reported by police, Oathout, who is listed a senior at the University of Oklahoma (OU) Price College of Business had developed a habit of spying on and stealing from his female neighbors.

A search warrant was executed on Oathout's Norman apartment which revealed various digital photos and videos of women engaged in "private activities." The images appeared to have been taken without the knowledge or consent of the victims.

Also discovered were numerous items that had previously been reported stolen and included two laptop computers, a stereo and a LCD television.

Court records also report that "women's underwear were discovered in great quantity..." Specifically, two or three canvas tote bags and one boot shoe box full of women's undergarments."

Oathout's troubles began on the 17th of June when he allegedly spied and took photos of a woman from outside her apartment bedroom window on Creekside Drive in Norman.

Police alleged Oathout used both a Sony digital camera and his cell phone camera.

Police allege Oathout repeated this activity two to three more times with different female victims.

Court records show that the female victims were able to identify photos of the panties found at Oathout's apartment to belong to them.

Oathout's next court date (a preliminary hearing conference) is set for December 12.

Love Thy Neighbor - If that doesn't work, shoot him!

OKC, OK -- Neighbor's digging dog leads to gun fire.

According to court papers, on October 7 James and Yoshiko Gilbert went over to their neighbor's home upset over his dog digging at their shared fence.

As the Gilbert's were knocking, the homeowner pulled up in his vehicle and asked what they wanted. The Gilbert's apparently became belligerent and an argument ensued. The victim stated that James reached into his back pocket and produced a handgun and pointed it at him.

Like a scene out of a Hollywood action movie, the victim grabbed James' hand and twisted it until he dropped the gun. The two then went at it "mano-y-mano."

Like any supportive wife, Yoshiko then picks up the gun and shoots the neighbor in the arm before both retreated to their respective homes.

Felony charges were filed against both Gilberts - James for pointing a firearm and Yoshiko for shooting her neighbor.

It's a Dog Eat Dog World

Del City, OK -- I thought it was annoying enough when the neighbor's dog would come over and poop in my yard. Imagine how one home owner felt when her neighbor's dog came over and ate her pet pooch!

According to a small claims case filed in Oklahoma County in late October, Leemond Milton's apparently hungry dog came over and "brutally killed" the neighbors four-legged family member.

And what is a pet pooch worth these days? About $500 according to the court affidavit.

The owner's are set to square off December 11.

UPDATE: On 12/11/06 the case was dismissed.

With Friends Like This...

Moore, OK -- Guy takes out frustration on "Friend's" car.

According to police, in late September, Adam Kevin Soriano, 22, was riding as a passenger in his friend's car when he became angry over recently being fired from his job.

Witnesses told police that Soriano "reached above his head and pulled down approximately two foot of headliner off the roof of the vehicle." As if that wasn't enough, when Soriano arrived at their destination he "exited the vehicle and then jumped onto the hood causing damage..."

The owner, and suspected former friend of Soriano, submitted an estimate for the needed repairs - $2,027.67.

Charges were filed October 27 in Cleveland County.

On November 13 the case was dismissed, "in the interest of justice."

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Man Dumps Kitten; Warrant Issued

Noble, OK -- We've all seen it, or at least heard about it - pet owners grow weary of their domesticated furry friends and opt to abandon them on some out of the way country road. But, did you know that's a crime?

According to the Cleveland County Sheriff's department that very act now has a Lexington Oklahoma resident in hot water.

Court records show that on October 30, Paul W. Hunt, 52, was witnessed by a woman to stop his "red car" and take "a kitten out of his trunk and threw him on the ground."

When officers arrived they met up with Hunt who admitted to dumping the kitten.

Today, a warrant was issued for Hunt's arrest in connection with the incident.

UPDATE: On 5/17/07 the case was dismissed.

Gotta Love Those Neighbors Who Just Pop In

Midwest City, OK -- Ah, those trips to the grandparent's house around the holidays - family, fun and felonies!

According to recently filed court papers, Curtis R. Jarrell, 19, was enjoying a visit to his grandfather's in Midwest City when he decided to pay the neighbors a visit. The problem? They weren't home and he used the neighbor's doggy door to get inside.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed November 8, the neighbor came home and noticed something awry.

Naturally (according to police), he turned to his "surveillance camera set in his bedroom" for answers. Low and behold, caught on tape was Jarrell pilfering through the homeowner's belongings.

The next day Jarrell was arrested for burglary.

According to police, Jarrell made a full confession when confronted with the video evidence. Which brings us back to yet another question - Exactly what was the victim doing with a video camera running in his bedroom in the first place?

On November 14 Jarrell was formerly charged with a single felony count of 2nd degree burglary.

UPDATE: On 9/18/07 Jarrell pled guilty and received a 5-year deferred sentence.

Fishnet Flasher

OKC, OK -- When you think of a flasher you probably conjure up images of a creepy old guy in dark sunglasses and a trench coat who jumps out of dark corners and exposes himself to unsuspecting passersby.

Donnie Ray Friday, 49, is not your average flasher (well, except for the creepy old guy part).

According to a probable cause affidavit, on November 14, in Oklahoma City, Friday was standing outside his car near NW 40 and Youngs Blvd. decked out in nothing but a muscle shirt and red fishnet pantyhose (sans underwear).

The court record states that "when motorists would pass by [Friday] would pull his pantyhose down to his ankles exposing his genitals and buttocks ... [Friday] was also bending over with his buttocks pointing towards the vehicles and observers and rubbing his own buttocks with the intent to arouse and excite the observers."

Police arrived in time to witness Friday retreating to the Habanna Inn parking lot.

Friday was arrested for lewd exhibition and indecent exposure after felony conviction.

A quick look into Friday's past shows prior felony convictions in 1995 and 2001 for drug possession.

UPDATE: on 8/15/07, Friday pled guilty and was sentenced to 4-years in prison. You can view his mug shot and prison record here.