Monday, May 21, 2007

OU Student Charged with Breaking and Entry

5/21/07 -- Norman, OK - According to court records, Nicholas Anthony Palmisano, 25, was making himself at home in the kitchen when police were summoned. Why? Seems Palmisano was not in his own kitchen. As a matter of fact, the woman living in the home told police she doesn't even know Palmisano.

Reportedly, on the night of May 13th, Palmisano entered a partially opened garage door in the 1100 block of Caracara Dr. in Norman. Once inside, the resident saw Palmisano in her kitchen and called police.

When police arrived, they found Palmisano laying on the floor in the living room.

Palmisano appeared to be intoxicated and was placed under arrest.

On the 15th Palmisano was charged with entering a building with unlawful intent.

The University of Oklahoma (OU) identifies Palmisano as a senior in the Price College of Business.

Court papers and OU list Palmisano's residence as the 200 block of East 31st in Edmond.

UPDATE: On 6/14/07 Palmisano pled guilty and was given 10-month deferred.

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