Thursday, May 24, 2007

Moore Man Arrested for Making His Own Checks

5/24/07 -- Moore, OK - Ever hear the saying, "you can write your own check"? Seems a Moore man decided to take it a literally.

According to court records, Mark Allen Cain, 28, has been putting his computer and printer to use making (and apparently trying to cash) his own homemade checks.

Reportedly, police began an investigation on Cain after an individual was arrested for trying to pass one of Cain's checks.

Allegedly, Cain was using magnetic ink to create the checks and then trading them for drugs.

Police report that after they seized Cain's computers they also discovered evidence he was creating fake ID's also.

Cain was charged May 17th in Cleveland County with felony computer crimes.

Seems Cain is no stranger to the Oklahoma judicial system.

You can see Cain's extensive Oklahoma Department of Corrections history here, which includes; concealing stolen property, forgery and drug crimes.

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