Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Teen Teller Takes Bank for $14K

5/16/07 -- Norman, OK - Ever wonder how bank employees ignore all those stacks of cash just laying around? Well, it seems the cash was too tempting for a Norman bank teller now accused of taking his work home with him - to the tune of $14,000.

According to court records, Anthony Michael Johnson, 19, was working for the Norman branch of the Republic Bank in March.

Reportedly, Johnson was caught on bank surveillance tape stealing bank funds from March 29 until April 7th.

According to court records, Johnson confessed to police investigators to the theft.

Police recovered $2,400 from Johnson's apartment. Prosecutor's alleged Johnson spent part of the money on a Playstation 3 video game system.

Approximately $11,000 remains unaccounted for.

Last week Johnson was charged with felony embezzlement in Cleveland County.
UPDATE: On 9/26/07 Johnson received a deferred sentence.

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