Monday, July 9, 2007

Wal-Mart Thievery Goes High Tech

7/9/07 -- Cushing, OK - An Oklahoma City woman is accused of being involved in a crime ring that manufactures fake retail receipts and UPC labels.

According to court records, Elvia McGinnis, 48, of Oklahoma City, was in a Cushing Wal-Mart on April 13th trying to return one of those trendy little MP3 players - a ZenV Media Player to be exact.

The problem? McGinnis had just returned an identical media player the day before. Oh yeah, and the receipt she presented and the UPC bar code on the back of the product were counterfeit!

Investigators alleged that McGinnis may be part of a crime ring that manufactures their own authentic looking Wal-Mart receipts in an attempt to defraud retailers out of cash.

Seems McGinnis' alleged crime spree started to unravel when she returned the MP3 player that she had originally purchased for about $80. However, the receipt she produced when returning the item for cash indicated she had paid $348 - Potentially a $268 profit/loss had the scam worked.

On April 25th, McGinnis was charged in Payne County with the misdemeanor crime of attempted false pretense.

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