Friday, May 25, 2007

Sex at the Mall Lands Two OKC Teens in Jail

5/25/07 -- OKC, OK - You've heard the saying, "when the car is rocking, don't bother knocking." Well, it seems security at a local mall doesn't quite play by those rules.

According to police records, on April 16th at about 5pm, security guard Joseph Borst, of Penn Square Mall, was "on foot patrol in the lower level parking garage when he observed a black 2000 Ford Focus to be shaking back and forth." As the ever vigilant guard approached the vehicle he "heard moaning coming from inside."

Closer examination revealed two teens, "seated in the back seat, completely nude."

Robert John Kenyon, 19, driver (in more ways than one) and Samantha Renee Mansfield, 18 (along for 'the ride') reportedly at a combined weight of 465 pounds were just giving the shocks a good work over.

Penn Square Mall, not known for its live nudie shows, promptly placed the duo under arrest and escorted them to the mall security office to await police.

When police arrived, it was learned the vehicle (aka, Love Machine) belonged to Kenyon's mother. She was called to retrieve her car (and hopefully asked to bring a towel to sit on for the drive home).

We here at SideBarBlog would like to point out that Kenyon's court ordered anger management classes (from a prior domestic abuse conviction) must be working (at least that day).

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